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WordPress is the preferred blogging platform for bloggers because of the huge amount of free plugins available that one can install to his blog and use them. Plugins which can make a huge difference for your blog and your blogs traffic and user experience. Each of the bellow listed plugins has its role and from each of the plugins your blog would benefit if used properly.

Sometimes it is hard to find the proper plugins which you might want to use in your blog, I can’t remember when I first started how many plugins I had to download test them and pick those that mostly suited for my needs. What made my research more easier were websites that had posts similar to this, listed with a nice amount of plugins which users could download and use.

However I have now compiled a short list of plugins (which I have used and some I still do use) that can make your blogging experience even better. Bellow you will find a list of plugins separated in categories, SEO Plugins, Browsing and Entertainment, RSS feed plugins, Advertisement Plugins (related to make money online) and social bookmarking plugins. Hope this will turn useful.

SEO Plugins

Of course I have to give precedence to the SEO plugins first. You can also find my previous list of recommended seo plugins for wordpress, however let me compile the list again.

Social Bookmarking Plugin

There are different social bookmarking plugins out there and you can just be embarrassed which one to chose. Whoever I prefer more plugins that don’t invate the site and keep the layout clean.

RSS Feed Plugins

The value of a blog actually lays on RSS readers (the regular readers which actually say that this blog is worth reading, we are reading it daily). However you need to remind them that you do actually have a RSS feed in your blog some times, and with these plugins it will be easier to get started.

Advertising Plugins

Not all of us start a blog to monetize it, but all of us end up doing that sooner or later. Here are some useful plugins that will help you monetize your blog by placing advertisement (private ones or as PPC publisher).

Browsing and Entertainment

With the bellow plugins you can assure that your visitors will have a better browsing experience and make it easier for them to reach you.

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17 Responses to “Plugins that Bloggers should use”
  1. Here are some more great plugins that i use.

    Email notification – Mailing list
    Brains threaded comments – reply to comments
    Wp contact form- easy contact form

  2. RSS Footer for scrapers is my favourite. Nothing worse than having your content ripped off and plastered with somebody elses Adsense.

  3. Hey Hero πŸ˜‰ thanks for adding few more plugins to the list, will make sure to update the list and link them too.

    Paul, for some reason scrappers pass even through that and like use excerpt on my content…they out smarted me πŸ˜›

  4. seo man says:

    I need that RSS footer plugin. I have heard many things about it but never got to installing it. On the other hand… Why would you need useless backlinks from spam sites?

  5. A spam site or not, the fact is that your content is scrapped and used on another site. However those pages, even spam, often get indexed and the content is related to yours (well, it is your content after all).

    Better something then nothing? However the backlink won’t hurt your site rankings.

  6. You have complied a great list here! I will have to try out some of the ones I don’t already have. The only one that I already have is the ‘All In One SEO Pack’, all the others are new to me lol

  7. SEO Company says:

    It is realy a good list. you provided all kind of plugins infomation and it’s importance.

  8. Amaan Goyal says:

    It is realy a good list. you provided all kind of plugins infomation and it’s importance.I will have to try out some of the ones I don’t already have.

  9. Where ya been? been a couple months of no posting.

  10. Hiya there,
    Thanks for asking. I am in macedonia currently and here internet connection sux and the plans for internet are even worst, but most of all I am here on vocations so I have had no time to really concentrate on seo. I guess i will have to read and learn whats new once I get back to Italy πŸ˜‰

  11. Internet Age says:

    From what I read and see, its the only blog to go with. I dont have my own yet, but I will and WP will be it. I have bookmarked this post for when I need the plugings

  12. Hello Internet Age,
    Indeed WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms and its very flexible in modification which makes it even sweeter.

    Glad to hear you found this post useful πŸ˜‰

  13. Wendy says:

    Thank you so much for the list provided above. You have complied a great list here! I will have to try out some of the ones I don’t already have. Actually I have only three of the mentioned plugins.

  14. Hi Wendy,
    Thank you for passing by and taking your time to leave a comment. I am glad you find the list useful and hope they will come in good use to you.

    Kind regrds,
    Astrit πŸ˜‰

  15. web hosting says:

    I’ve been using adman instead. Actually, I find the *most* useful plugin is the auto-updater. it’s freakin’ awesome.

  16. Internet Age says:

    WordPress is definitely the platform I’m looking at utilising for our upcoming company blog (and my own personal rant space…heheheh) Purchasing the Blogging for Dummies book is also definitely part of my plan. When Windows 95 was released, Windows for Dummies got me going with the new operating system, and I’ve been a huge fan of these books ever since.

  17. shemer says:

    My website is how can i optimize that since its not wordpress