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Not long time ago a friend of mine (living in Australia) had an unique idea for a business online and she needed me to design her website, find her an easy to work with interface and help her around SEO. But since her business was mainly going to be targeting the Australian market I was kinda worried about that as I had no resources to work on sites that target that area only (even links from TLD domains would help, but the .au ones would have done a much better job).

Not long ago after I had a chat with my friend, trying to organize her business model so I could make a site that would suit better to her business model and highlight her main product in the site I got in touch with Ewan of, a SEO company that does offer SEO & Google SEO services (Google SEO mainly because they give high priority to rankings in Google). A pleasant contact at the proper time. After the email’s we exchanged I decided to take a better look to their site and see what are they up to really.

The first thing I checked was when the domain was registered (or rather, when did they got into this business), surprisingly domain names do not give information of the date registered the domain, but only the last modified date. Harsh, that made me look up deeper and find out archive results for since back in 2003 but the latest archive of their website as company results since December 2006, satisfying for me these first results. Now all I had to check was their testimonials and possible comments on webmaster forums about the company.

When I first landed on their website, I really liked their website design, then I did notice that is also offering website design services too and with a beautiful portfolio as well (well even tho their website design page’s title is Website Design Melbourne, Web Design Melbourne and my friend resides in Melbourne, I am not letting her go with the design part :))

Another option we and my friend were discussing about is the primary investment and ROI. Practically she would be investing some money in her business and at least cover the first part of her investment. The solution I advised her to consider in that case was Google AdWords as it is the easiest way (but not also the cheapest) to drive targeted traffic to your website and possibly convert those visitors into customers. Again, who would give her or to any Aussie that is just starting a business advice on Google AdWords campaigns for the Australian market better then an Australian company?

I did recommend to my friend (haven’t heard back of her since then so not sure if she has contacted them yet), I am not quiet sure of their quality of services (but their portfolio spoke for them in this case, and several forum threads) but the information’s I managed to gather about this company made me recommend it to my friend and blog about it too. So if you are living in Australia and trying to open an online business I advise you contact a local company as they do know the market better then any other company that is across the ocean, they do have repeated experience from previous customers (which means they do know what they are into) and of course it is easier to reach a company that is located in your country easier then one that is in another continent.

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2 Responses to “ SEO & Website design company”
  1. SEO Tips says:

    Another advantage of using a SEO local company is that you can contact them any time you like with a more comfort level.And as you are a local customer you will be paid more attention.

  2. Internet Age says:

    We operate in the South African marketplace and have pretty much come to the same conclusion – Local is Lekker!!!