Search Engines (MSN Live) On It’s Extremes

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The title does sound a bit desperate for the giant MSN & Live search engine but the fact is that this how it exactly looks to me. But I guess every attempt in online marketing is worth trying to gain more visitors and to increase your own search query numbers so you could also gain more customers on Microsoft’s AdCenter.

Whats the new find? Microsoft’s new find is GetSearchPerks. So practically in short words, with GetSearchPerks people can earn credits if they perform a search in one of the three search engines that Microsoft does actually own, and with those credits then you can buy yourself gifts or give them to a charity.

Just few words on how to apply, in case you are interested. If you have an MSN/Hotmail/Live email account all you have to do is sign in, install the plugin for your IE browser (it only works with IE browser) and then perform your search through one of the three mentioned search engines. With every search query you perform you receive 1 credit and you can obtain up to 25 credits a day (i.e. up to 25 search queries a day can be performed to gain credits). But lets leave the fun aside and try to see what actually is behind this.

It has been years now that Microsoft’s search engines have been classified on the third and sometimes popping on the second place as the biggest search engines, and its been much more time that Microsoft is trying to achieve it’s first place. Innovating technologies and improving search experience has not helped Microsoft enough, empowering their search engine through Windows Live Messenger didn’t helped that much either..and now, with GetSearchPerks it looks like they have came to their extremes.

It is apparent enough that Microsoft’s adCenter is lacking in advertisers, and they are willing to do anything that it takes to increase that number, but it doesn’t really seem like they are aiming quality but rather quantity (if they do really rely on GetSearchPerks).

Whats your say on all this?

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2 Responses to “Search Engines (MSN Live) On It’s Extremes”
  1. Bait the trap with cash and you’ll catch me every time! This is one helluva way to incentivise one’s offering. Interested to see where this is going!

  2. SEO Services says:

    Live has good amount of professional users which often uses it for finding their needs and they might give a tough comp. to Google by overtaking an Yahoo search.