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SEO Tutorials | September 27th, 2007 | 2 Comments

It was about time, I have been monitoring DealDotCom since their grand opening to get into these seo softwares for bargain cheap and they are finally listed.

The seo software that is featured today on DealDotCom is SEO Elite. If you buy this seo software directly from their website it costs $167 and you can have this seo software for only $97 if you buy it from DealDotCom.

About SEO Elite

SEO Elite is a seo software with which you can analyze how and what are your competitors doing to rank higher than you in the search engine ranking pages and not only, lets see what else you can do with seo elite

  • Analyzes backlinks in Google, Yahoo, AlltheWeb, MSN, Altavista.
  • Find high Page Rank sites that can make great link partners for you.
  • Analyze allinanchor, allintitle or allintext
  • Verify that your link partners still link back to you.
  • Find where your site is ranked for your keywords
  • Find which pages of your site are indexed in the main engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo, AlltheWeb and Altavista).

Now image how much time you can save by acquiring this software and automatically make all these checkups on your site? Loads of time. And since I like to have free time i am going to buy this seo software now from DealDotCom now and save me $70 which than I can invest by submitting one of my sites on V7N Directory (which is well worth) or on other things.

I will write on SEO Optimization about the performance this seo software, but by that time the deal dot com offer will no longer be available.

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2 Responses to “SEO software going cheap”
  1. Hi Astrit – that is cheap. I used to use WebCeo but didn’t like it as I wound up with a heap of spyware on my pc. Also Web Ceo charge a heap to begin with – unless you get the free version. Plus you have to pay extra for updates, hitlens etc each month.

    I’ll be interested to see how you get on. It sounds like a great deal.