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I admit, I left you all in suspense for a bit too long after the understanding better adsense. Before I continue with the article I wanted to ask you folks if you are too shy to give your opinions? Because I asked for your ideas and opinion if you did got the point to my previous article and I even offered 500 entrecards, I do see lots of pageviews on the article but comments are sleeping? You must be a shy baby.

Anyway lets continue further. If you paid attention in the previous article where I briefly explained how people advertise on AdWords and how those advertisers get published on your AdSense ad blocks you have most likely understood that AdWords advertisers need to BID for a keyword to have more exposure, i.e. to appear on more popular sites or to dominate the advertising market for that keyword.

Many of you are aware of what BID means, to those that don’t, bidding is making a price offer on a auction (is it a product, services, stock exchange doesn’t matter as long as it is an auction).

So presume the bidding start price for the keyword SEO in AdWords is $0.20. If you want a better exposure, you have to bid 0.25 per click. This system makes so that AdWords advertisers have to compete between each other to gain more exposure (we don’t care about the fact that AdWords will benefit out of this, what we care is to understand how things go). So if a seo services company wants good exposure for the keyword SEO they have to bid higher, but since there are thousands of SEO companies many others will start bidding too so the price for the keyword SEO on AdWords goes higher and higher.

All those advertisers that bid for that keyword get advertised on AdSense program, which is a sister program of AdWords of the same parent, Google Inc. Each of the advertisers will now get published on blogs, websites and forums that do use Google AdSense and their content is SEO related. So practically advertisers bid on keywords, the AdSense system will now logically place the higher paying bidders on the more visible blocks. But what happens when you use more adsense ad blocks in a site?

Using more AdSense blocks in a site increases the advertising space and makes more room for the low paying bidders as well. How can this affect your earnings? Well it is possible that your best performing ad block is the one where the lowest paying advertisers are being published, since you can’t really control this where which advertisers should be published directly, this may occur. Presume you have 3 ad blocks in a page. This directly tells Google AdSense that you are selling your ad spots for too cheap, and it would not make logical sense to serve high paying advertisers and low paying advertisers in the same page but on different ad blocks.

You have most likely heard people speaking about smart pricing right? Who they do blame is Google AdSense, which is not the case, who actually needs to be blamed is the webmaster itself because he is blatantly telling to Google that his site is not of a great value and he is ready to sell his ad spots for bargain cheap to much more advertisers, AdSense team follows what the webmaster told him and so he gets the low paying ads.

I find it very intelligent and honest from Google AdSense team to not place the high paying advertisers and the low paying advertisers competing in the same page, where one advertisers pays top bucks and the other pays few cents for getting exposure in the same page.

What can you do to get this problem solved and increase your AdSense earnings really? Well if you haven’t so far, you should start using AdSense channels to monitor which ad blocks perform best, which get the most of the clicks and which ad blocks pay the most for click. Once you have spotted these points and now you have enough informations on how AdSense is performing in your site, which advertisers mostly appear in a certain ad spot you are ready to do two main things.

  • Ad Spot One Case – receives those high paying clicks, but the click through rate is low enough. The story of this case is that most likely the ad spot is small enough, but the position of the ad block is not optimal and visitors don’t pay attention to it. You need some how to figure out how to move the high paying advertisers in a ad block that does receive way much more clicks.
  • Ad Spot Two Case – The second ad spot is the one that receives low paying clicks, but the click through rate is wonderful. This is clearly telling you that visitors of your site do like the position of this ad block, it is close to their eyes and the ads in there are interesting for them. In other words, this means that the advertisers of ad spot one you want to be shown in the ad spot two. How?

If you remember, the advertisers need to be BID to be placed on top of the ad block. And we know that the higher we are position in a competitive spot, the better exposure we get (you were not taught to read a book from the bottom of the page to top, were you?). So, the first block gets the advertisers that are bidding high for a keyword, the lower the ad spot is, the lower paying bidders are being displayed.

Now you know where the high paying ads are sitting, you also know which ad block is performing better in your site you just need to move those high paying advertisers in a ad block that is receiving most of the clicks. You can’t email each of the high paying advertisers and tell them to “target” their ads in your ad block which receives more clicks (well you can, but thats the long route). What you can do tho is play a bit with AdSense (remember, test test test…success). The only logical way to move those high paying folks in a higher CTR ad block is to eliminate the ad spot where they appear mostly (Google AdSense displays top bidders on top, remember, memorize, don’t forget).

Now that the ad block where the high paying advertisers doesn’t exist anymore Google AdSense needs to find a new spot for the folks, after all they are paying the best money. What is the case now? The case is that there is less space to advertise in your site, which makes the advertising space in your site more competitive, a more competitive ad space means more money. Those top paying ads you had in the previous block should be now moved on a new spot, or rather in an existing AdSense advertising space in your site. Since these advertisers are those that bid higher, they get in the top of the ad block again, the others move slowly lower, and now you have an ad block which has excellent click through rate and in addition with advertisers that pay mediocre amount to advertise.

Does it make sense to you?

Hope it was worth waiting for this article. If you liked the article you can subscribe to my RSS feed and read my blog through you preferred feed reader or have the posts delivered via email in your inbox. If you have any questions and/or doubts don’t be shy…just ask and you will receive an answer.

Disclaimer: The informations above are not taken of any source nor have any written proofs or confirmed from Google Inc. What is written in this blog post is from own experience in the past. You have the right to use this technique or dump it, I take no responsibilities and no complains, you can test all this out in your own risk.

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2 Responses to “Increase AdSense Earnings”
  1. bonobo says:

    thanks for the piece of advise!
    it makes really sense.

    Did I got it right?
    “if I want high paying ands, I need few ad blocks” just 1

    1) fill up the page with ad blogs
    2) wait and know which block has higher CTR
    3) delete all the other ad blocks
    4) hopefully the high big ads will appear in the high CTR block, because if there’s few space, Adsense chooses to display high bid ads first.


    (I just commented because I felt so sorry reading the first lines of the article 😉

    BTW: this page is the 3rd result when googling for: “use adsense earnings to pay adwords cost”

    congratulations 😀

  2. Hi Bonobo,
    Haha thanks for feeling mercy 😛 even tho that was not the point however thanks.

    In essence the process points you just named are correct. What you need to track in the early stages is the high CTR ad block. Once you have tracked that one down you can them make the ads in your site more competitive by removing the low performing ad blocks and you will not really have to hope, you will just have to target the ads and the right advertisers will have the exposure for which they paid.

    Thank you for taking your time to comment 😉