Spy On Your Competitors ?

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If your interest is internet marketing and building a business online then you most likely some times get that feeling that you live in a James Bond movie, spying him and her, here and there. Even tho spying someone is a really bad word, in internet marketing and online business this is a golden rule even when you think you know everything you need to know about your business and how to market your business and its products.

This same spying strategy applies even on SEO Optimization, you spy your competitors on the keywords for which they are trying to rank, you spy their marketing strategy to obtain the rankings for those keywords and the sites from which your competitors tend to gain backlinks from. With search engine optimization the 007 agent game is quiet easier, because the informations you need are always out there mostly for free, the one thing you need to maybe pay for is to find keywords which users perform search queries for by using tools like WordZe.

But when it regards online business, and with online business I mean selling products in all possible ways you can, including PPC the rules change and everything becomes more complicated that one could even imagine. It happens often that the less popular keywords are those that convert the best and on PPC campaigns this can mean more earning dollars and less investment.

The difficulty comes in that there are so many keywords related to one same niche that you might be spending thousands of dollars before you realize which are those keywords that do bring you revenue and are not just wasting you money. If you are new into PPC marketing it is logical that you might still not know about the keywords that do bring revenue and those that don’t as it is logical that you should monitor your competitors which are for a longer period into the same business online.

Here enters in game softwares like KeywordSpy, which is another 007 spy agent that can give you full report of keywords that your competitor is bidding for on PPC marketing, keywords which most likely make your competitor have better business and be stronger then you. The sweet part about similar spy softwares is that they provide you those keywords for which your competitor is bidding…finally, after he has spent countless hours to figure out which are the right keywords that bring him the most revenue, the keywords that made your competitor waste thousands of dollars before they found the right keywords..and you can simply jump all that process and get the keyword list reported from you 007 spy agent. Jumping that process does not only mean that you save thousands of dollars, but also you leave aside that stress while losing money and the countless hours monitoring your campaigns.

PPC marketing can become your best friend or your worst nightmare. You can easily lose big amounts of money in a short period of time or you can make even 3 to 4 times more money in a even shorter time. But those that start a PPC campaign or get burned so good that they won’t even want to hear about PPC again or they will enjoy the money and see their business grow.

I don’t know about you, but I would definitively want to spy on my competitors keywords.

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