The concept of buying and selling links

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I decided today to come back and discuss again a topic I have already discussed here on DNseo. If you are a returning visitor then you have read the previous article about Google and selling / buying links a whole discussion that started on Matt Cutts blog and that was miss understood by many readers, and so the word got spread in the wrong way (that what i call miss understood way).
Everyone seems to be afraid now to buy or sell links for or from their site(s) even tho it was clearly stated that selling links for web site traffic purpose it is fine for Google, what Google (or how many call it “the big G”) is trying to fight, is cheating the algorithms of Google by buying textual links from pages with higher pagerank in order to improve your page ranking (we explained in short words what pagerank is and how it works on how to safely buy and sell links now days).

Years ago, you would link to a web site (or a inner page of a web site) just because you did liked the content there, this is the way search engine’ss could determine if the linked web site is a quality informative web site or not.

Google’s mistake (from my point of view) was giving a name to this (the whole ranking algorithm), called it PageRank, from grade 0 to 11, where 0 is (or should be) a not quality informative site and 11 would be trustworthy and quality site. Why was it a mistake? People started to commercialize their web sites after gaining a decent (PR4 would be a decent pagerank) page ranking in the SERPs (wonder why they still use PR and SERPs in the same phrase). Well now, Google became a bit greedy and mad, he doesn’t want anymore that web site owners (webmasters) make money by cheating their algorithm. Now Google says, if your site has quality, then people are free to link to your site (or if you link a web site then that is because you have found something interesting on that site and want to share it with the visitors of your site, but not to get paid for doing this).

Linking to another web site is and can be done for other purpose as well, driving traffic to your web site. You’d ask now “didn’t you just said in your previous post that Google says stop to selling and buying links” ? Nope i didn’t, i just let you know that what Matt Cutts said (just teasing), in fact, thats what i am trying to explain and put a difference between PR bought / sold and web traffic links. Sold or bought links for the sole and only purpose of driving traffic as i have many times said, and so has Google, and so has Matt Cutts, it is just OKEY for Google, and you would be SAFE from the PR penalization by just adding this small code inside the <a> tag rel=”nofollow”, add that and stay safe.

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