Using Testimonials for Advertising

Internet Marketing Tips | May 9th, 2007 | Comments Off on Using Testimonials for Advertising

I was bored out and started surfing some on the known SEO guys blogs, like Matt Cutts (my favorite one, maybe because he treats topics of my interest) and then John Chow.
While surfing on John Chow’s blog, on the main page i did notice an interesting Google Ads advertising ad published saying:

Need more traffic?
John Chow uses maybe you should too!

Now, i am surfing on a SEO blog becuase i need to learn more and more to drive more and more traffic to my blog (fact one), i know who John Chow is and i am surfing on his blog while reading this ad (fact too), how is it possible not to click on that ad and read the secrets that sit there, the big master John Chow uses that product too…

I had read even before about this new advertising strategy, using your testimonials as advertise content, but it did not gave me much believe that it could work. Or at least, i had no BIG name to put on my advertising content. The thing is, that this type of advertising it works, it really does, but it works more reading John Chow uses this product, instead of reading Astrit Kita uses this product.

It doesn’t mean that this type of advertising will not work out, actually this type of advertising has been found very attractive and successful by many (didn’t have a direct experience with this type of marketing) but people talk and say it is a good way promoting your services or products.

Your thoughts?

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