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The buzz that was created for BlogRush in the last week and so has been tremendous, i did not wrote about it as I was not confident if it really works or not. And the other reason why I did not wrote was that the whole scheme of this program seems like to feed the big sharks and let the small fishes fight for survivor.

In the first few days I also decided not to use the widget on SEO Optimization blog, and the main reason was that the widget was PRETTY DAMN UGLY and would not match with the rest of my layout at all. Was I willing to ruin the look of the new design for which I worked hard? Hell no. In any case I wanted to test blogrush and see how it works and if it actually does send some traffic or not. Even tho I installed that ugly widget i left it far at the bottom (yay).

I believe you all already know how blogrush works, it is designed to send traffic to your site, but in order to receive some traffic you already have to have loads of traffic and to gain credits (credits that you gain every time your site refreshes when a users surfs on the other pages or a new visitor enters your website), another way to gain credits is to refer users to blogrush.

To be continued..
I still don’t think that the whole blogging rush thingie does work for the new blogs and blogs that don’t have a certain amount of traffic. And what makes me feel that blogrush is nothing worth to mess around is the fact that the stats page or it does not work or it has a message we are working hard, it sounds like loads of promises but the results are not that what one would expect, since the day I have received 6 visitors through blogrush (according to Google Analytics).

It smells better
Even tho the traffic doesn’t fly my way from BlogRush there is a good news…finally. The ugly widget has now a new (should I call it modern) look. We can finally customize (at limits) the look of the widget, there are presented different color flavors of which you can pick one that most suits your design and blend the BlogRush widget with the rest of the layout.

If you scroll down you will notice that the widget I am using is of dark green color which can make me feel more comfortable to move it higher (even tho there is no reason to do so).

Shocking news from BlogRush…again
Yup thats right, another of those shocking news from blogrush, and look what they have to say this time

We’ve encountered some problems since our historic launch just over a
week ago, and we fully recognize that we’ve made some real “goofs
with the system for our Public Beta release…

Oh…really? We did not realized that at all John. Anyway, seems like they are working on locking down those unethical guys that try to cheat the system (well, it didn’t took long to cheat the system eh..). Hope their hard work is not going to be a waste of time and will actually be something valuable and not only a new shocking news from blogrush.

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2 Responses to “Modern BlogRush”
  1. I just saw your comment at the blog — about why a quality product would get bad publicity.

    Great point. It’s becase the product is only great when you’re rewarded for saying it’s great.

    This isn’t the first John Reese product that hasn’t lived up to the hype.

    John Reese personally asked me to review and promote traffic secrets to my subscriber list. The long story short is I couldn’t. It was awful. As a result, I was the only joint venture partner to tell the truth about Traffic Secrets. It cost me probably tens of thousands in commissions, but I literally would be lying to my subscribers — you couldn’t pay me enough to do that.

    John Reese even tried to sue me because of my bad review.


    I left this long comment on the blog, but it seems it’s been censored and removed.

    So with your permission, I’d like to leave it here:

    You know, if John Reese would just put aside his ego for just once, he could turn BlogRush lemons into lemonaide.

    But instead of being apologizing for rushing the product out without proper testing (which he admits doing), he blames a few “rogue” bloggers for ruining everything.

    He said the same thing when I gave a bad review of Traffic Secrets. He came to my message board and threatened to sue me (for giving a bad review)… and later thanked me because my subscribers (who read my review) still came to his site and made a purchase.

    Sure. Whatever.

    Look, John Reese is a slick marketer. Just like Bill Clinton is a slick politician. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that’s really a good thing.

    Here’s the deal… BlogRush is nothing more than a traffic exchange. And traffic exchanges never benefit users… only the owner. Once the sheeple install this widget, John Reese is going to sell space on up to 9 out of every 10 headlines served. Pretty sweet, eh?

    And sure, a lot of people will buy into the hype and actually forget to remove the BlogRush widget — even after figuring out that you’ll never get as many free referrals as referrals you give back to BlogRush. So John Reese will do well with this (in my opinion).

    But the fact is the numbers don’t add up — the blogger loses no matter what the clickthru rate is… no matter where the widget is placed… and even if John Reese actually wrote the best headline for each blog post.

    By the way, you might be interested to know I found your blog entry here on my new “BlogRush” mashup… opinions from all around the Internet about whether or not BlogRush is worth installing on your blog. I programmed it to update on a minute-by-minute basis.

    The opinions on my mashup might surprise you.

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