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I did actually laughed a bit on this one, no don’t get me wrong, I was not laughing on their promotion but I was rather laughing on their timing when they started this promotion. It isn’t the first time actually that they start a promotion called like…Summer discounts but that promotion is actually near the end of the summer…or right in the moments when people are actually on vocation, however…

I received an interesting email from Sergey Cheberyako the Affiliate Program manager at WebCEO which was describing this lovely promotion.

With this promotion from WebCEO the new customers will not only save up to 62% off of the original price but they will also receive a $30 USD cash bonus which can be used on other services (such as HitLens Web Stats or Premium Website Monitoring packages).

To note tho that this promotion is only for two of the WebCEO packages, Small Biz Unleashed and Professional Unleashed and the pricing goes like this

  • Small Biz Unleashed $159 USD +$30 (you save $210 or 62%)
  • Professional Unleashed $269 USD +$50 (you save $260 or 54%)

Important: Another important thing to note is the starting date and the end date of this promotion, to all those that curious to know let me tell you guys you will have to rush because the promotion started on 12.08.2008 and it ends up on 23.08.2008 which means now you have little less then 10 days to order your WebCEO “unleashed” package and save money before the prices go up again.

SEO Softwares as any other software is liked by some and hated by many, my recommendation would be to first do your homework, research and see what others opinions are and if they are not exaggerated. I am personally using WebCEO and I have to admit that there are some great functions in this piece of software and that there are some features that could be simply wiped, but over all WebCEO has my vote.

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6 Responses to “WebCEO Summer Discounts”
  1. Paul B says:

    I’m a big fan of WebCEO but my knowledge base subscription has just ran out and I’ve noticed that a lot of the services in the “free” version suddenly don’t work very well in the “paid but not subscribed” version. Hmmm.

    Oh yeah, totally of subject but how are you finding InfoLinks? There are going down a storm on my content sites.

  2. Hey Paul,
    Haa finally stole a minute to check whats going on and I suddenly found your comment caught by Askimet (woot!). You are right about the sudden “bugs” (if i can define them like that) that appear from time to time, but that doesn’t really create a big hassle unless you badly need to perform that function at that moment (which is always I presume).

    As far as it regards InfoLinks…considering the site going down with traffic slowly..and considering “thefreedictionary.com” (thing which annoys me so bad, even with Kontera) I would say that is not performing that well, but I guess I will give them just a little bit more time.

  3. Internet Age says:

    I wonder what encourages their strange sense of timing. It must be some weird marketing strategy, or maybe they’re targeting people on vacation.

  4. You are right on that Brandon, their strategy to me it looks soo much like: Here we do a promotion, but we are afraid we will have too much customers. Oh well, whatever makes them happy.

  5. I am not knowing much more about SEO, but still i have doubt on both these software WEBCEO and IBP… Which one is better, As price wise i would choose WEBCEO. Is there any link which can draw difference between both these software.

  6. Web Design says:

    I hared The WEBCEO and IBP Software But I Never tried The This Both Software.