1Q 2009 PageRank Update

Google search engine | April 1st, 2009 | 11 Comments

Just a short update post for everyone and specially for the pagerank addicted folks and pagerank lovers 😉 (kinda the same type of people no? ;)).

This is not a April Fools joke, so you can go and check by yourself but your site is ready mate, it’s pagerank is going to update. You struggled for 3 months now in building links and the only thing you are actually waiting big time is pagerank. Right?

As pagerank update’s the value of links are supposed to be growing..no? Well I don’t care how you did with your pagerank, if it increased or it was wiped…what I want to hear from you folks is…

Have your search engine rankings improved since three months ago until today? Let me know by leaving a comment bellow.

P.S. Tomorrow is coming a SEO advise for those that are starting a new site, so make sure you subscribe to my RSS feed to follow me.

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11 Responses to “1Q 2009 PageRank Update”
  1. My pagerank is the same as it’s been since the beginning of the year.

  2. Hi Scott,
    Well thats probably because you never bothered to actually increase it, which proves that you do care more about your site and content rather then PR toolbar (it’s a lovely and interesting site you got there ;))

  3. SEO Services says:

    What i can tell you about my blog, got PR 2 in just 3 months… I am very much excited about it. BTW, wordpress integrated blog has advantages over other blogging platform to achieve good serp as well as Google TB PR… Didn’t you feel any time that?

  4. Internet Age says:

    Dropped by one, what can I say? If you don’t keep up your link building efforts you’re bound to lose ground! This just makes me determined to work hard at it!

  5. @SEO Service: well I haven’t used any other blogging platforms rather then wordpress honestly so I can’t tell. But however I do love wordpress and its functions.

    @Internet age: Well some times you can lose your pagerank sometimes you can raise scores, what you should worry about more is not losing your SERPs instead.

  6. Amol says:

    My site went from PR1 to PR2 while other went from PR4 to PR2 🙁

  7. Sorry to hear that Amol, wish you more luck and will to work harder for the next update.

  8. MY pr right now is a 2, although at one time I did use to be a 4, I guess I am just happy to still ahve the 2 lol. Although I must admit I would be supper happy again with the 4.

    I must say though… why is it that your site is only a 0 at the time? Didn’t it use to be a 3?

    Till then,


  9. seo blog says:

    lol I did not even notice there was an update.

  10. lol Ilia, even I would have missed it, but ended up in a thread on DP…;))

  11. Internet Age says:

    I’ve been seeing lots of indication that there is a current PageRank update in progress, which would seem to be a bit early for the 2nd quarter.

    Any ideas why this is happening? Or is it just a false alarm?