PageRank Update – Q2 2008

Google search engine | April 30th, 2008 | 4 Comments

This was definitively not expected, it is too early for a new Page Rank score export but it is already here. There were some rumors since a week now but I didn’t even really bothered to check the page rank for several reasons, one of which is that it was too early.

Anyway I just checked the homepage of this SEO Blog today as I was willing to modify some stuff and was trying to figure out some things and did notice that the Google toolbar was reporting PageRank 4 again for this blog. On the previous Page Rank update the blog went from PR4 to PR3 and now back to PR4.

Has your website PageRank changed? How did it go?

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4 Responses to “PageRank Update – Q2 2008”
  1. NewSunSEO says:

    Glad to hear it went back up. All of my sites seemed to stay the same for the most part. A couple of my sub pages went up however so I am happy about that.

  2. Well actually I had this one go up and another one, all the others have remained where they were. However the sweet part is that I didn’t paid attention on building links too.

  3. seo man says:

    Very strange update this was. My mass produced sites with no backlinks got PR5+ and all decent startups PR3 and less. :S

    PS: You have won a little something on my blog competition. Just need to chase everyone up and make a blog post. Il get back to you soon.

  4. Sheesh are you serious? I won something? Looks like my luck woke up 😛 lol.

    Yeah indeed it was unusual this pagerank update, tho some of my old sites without any link building campaign raised in pagerank.