1st March Google PageRank Updated and complete

Google search engine | May 1st, 2007 | Comments Off on 1st March Google PageRank Updated and complete

Hello again web masters,
I just finished writing the post, the fact that it is easier to monetize your web site with non internet related content and then i moved on on checking how the page rank update proceeds.
Well, i found a satisfying news, as i first predicted on 28th April pagerank update that one of my sites would jump from PR1 to PR3, it happened. In fact that page did jumped and now it is PR3 with many PR2 inner pages. Also my web hosting business web site lifted up for one scale on page ranking. The page rank has been updated and the results have been exported.

As i said, i did not worked hard enough on this, but i am satisfied with the results 😉 and I would like to hear how was this PageRank update for you.

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