Articles you missed till 9-23-2007

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It is Sunday yuppie (I hate Sunday) so its the Miscellaneous Ramblings for SEO Optimization. No hold on, I have changed the name from Miscellaneous Ramblings to Articles you missed. The main reason I changed the name is because there are no Miscellaneous Ramblings actually on my Sunday posts, rather I write about articles that I wrote during the week, makes sense, no?.

DealDotCom goes On-Line

The so talked DealDotCom had it’s launch on 18th September with a serious product. But unfortunately it did not lasted long. After couple good products on sale they had listed they came with one of those get rich quick ebooks. Even tho someone might find interesting these eBooks many webmasters were deluded. But after all, a company can’t place all the great products right in the first day, it has to keep us on our toes .. no? If you want to find webmaster related products on insanely discounted prices keep an eye on DealDotCom every day, on that days list there might be the product you were waiting for a long time.

Question to Web Developers

This week the articles featured on SEO Optimization have been more colorful than ever. After a research on a specific slice of the web developers market and the low competitive prices I ended up on during this research I was questioning myself and those people that do web developing for living how much dollars is your time worth and what would you advice those that intend to get on their own with developing and not working for a web development house.

Image Optimization

In this seo tutorial I am talking about a part of on-page seo optimization that many forget or thing it has no importance in SEO. The image optimization plays his role in SEO, just as any other part of your website. The role of image optimization it might not be as important as the title optimization or by submitting your website to a quality web directory but it helps in your rankings for sure.

Google AdSense AdSection Tag

I invested two months of my time to test the Google AdSense ad section tag if it actually worked or not, the final results are positive and I am glad for that. By wrapping parts of the content with the adsection tag you make sure to display content related ads on the spaces you publish adsense ads. This helps your click through rate (CTR) increase.

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