Articles you have missed till 11-02-2007

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It’s Sunday again (its true, right? it is Sunday?) Well, finally I can say this is one of the Sundays that I don’t have a clue what I will be doing (its Saturday today that I am writing this post). Saturday passed doing practically nothing till the late hours, when I received a new project to work at, the rest, I spent chatting with my new buddy Nelson from Help Desk Geek. Since I don’t know much about the machine on which I am working on daily basis, with Nelson I can learn new things asking him things on MSN other than reading on his blog (a great blog, would recommend you reading).

But back to blogging and what has been going on with SEO Optimization during the past week and see what you have maybe missed reading in a short list of titles

Some changes on

I have made some changes on with the only purpose to make an experiment, I think the timing is right for this experiment but we will speak about it in another post. Here are the changes.

Homepage now displays 10 posts instead of previously displaying 5 posts. In homepage also users will be see excerpt of posts instead of the whole post. I will leave this test for a couple weeks, if it succeeds will continue this way. What I might be interested to know is, do you prefer a full article in homepage and why?

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2 Responses to “Articles you have missed till 11-02-2007”
  1. Colin King says:

    It would be interesting to see the results of excepts on the FP once people are use to full articles. I have been running excerpts since day one. No one has said anything one way or another yet. I decided to do it that way because of faster loading and dup content plus it encourages more page views for those that advertise.

  2. You hit the nail Colin. Those are the main reasons why I made these changes, decreasing the load speed (which was not the main reason, but yet a valid one), giving more weight to inner pages and hence ranking better for long tail keywords (even tho inner pages ranked well, but this hopefully will increase the rankings) and increasing the page views.

    Doing a change like this it might effect ranking for the homepage (and I say it might, but not necessary is going to happen). My intention to make these changes was long time ago, but I wanted to let the the blog to get little more aged (six months passed since), when I first tried it did effected the rankings for the homepage (but that was when I used the old design).

    I will give it 3 weeks (more or less) time to see results of the experiment, after the 3 weeks I will write a review about how the change effected this seo blog in search engine rankings and with user performance.

    This would be a drastic change for the readers, but hopefully it won’t reflect negatively.