AdSense Click Zone & The Money Makers

Make Money Online | November 27th, 2007 | 6 Comments

Since the almighty AdSense, the number one preferred targeted ad publisher program among the big and small money makers has introduced the new adsense ad units with reduced clickable zone the community first became paranoid and now blaming the devil, which in this case would be the new clickable zone.

I have been skeptic since the beginning that the reduce of click zone in the published AdSense ads will decrease the click through rate for publishers many have blamed this new feature for drop in their revenue with AdSense. What I really wonder, is that really the reason? It could as well be true, but as in every community, where everyone is free to say what he/she thinks it gets hard to have a clue of whats going on when one reports drop in revenue and blames the new clickable zone and another one claims that has not experienced any drop on daily revenue.

My believe is that if a person wants to click here is not like he or she is going to click here instead. If we blended our ads with our content, and made the title of the published ads have the same color as the color of our links it is more likely that people will figure out that there is a link, and apart that, the mouse tailer changes so even a noob can figure out when he can click and when not.

To confuse you in the same stage as I am confused about the new clickable zone I will tell you that I have notice a drop in click through rate on a certain niche of site while have seen improvement in another type of site even tho the traffic has not changed at all, weird no?

Whats your experience with AdSense since they introduced the new clickable zone, let me know, and don’t forget to subscribe to my RSS read to read SEO Optimization daily.

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6 Responses to “AdSense Click Zone & The Money Makers”
  1. PHP eBook says:

    Google is just protecting their business like anyone else would. There are some people doing some shady things with AdSense, “tricking” people into clicking the ads, and you know that isn’t translating into anything for the advertisers. Google has to protect their business and if that means upsetting a few bloggers, they’ll be fine with that.

  2. In all honesty I’ve seen a tiny reduction overall of CTR which has related to about $4-$5 a day down so not worth worrying about. The biggest thing I found was to go back and re-visit your Adsense colours and make sure a link looks like a link

  3. Hi php ebook (damn forgot your name again). no doubt that Google is protecting their business, and I have nothing against that. As i said, I do believe it is fair that they do this, adwords advertisers do track their campaigns and if they see a good conversion from clicked ads on your site, they are most likely to bid higher to get their ads displayed in your site, which than will increase your earnings. What I am trying to figure out is, what do people think about this and how do people that are not found with ads interact and click them, which is a curious thing.

    Paul, apparently more people claim drop in CTR, I have drop in CTR in a certain site only, while the others are doing just good. Even tho, thinking about $4-5 a day is not a small loss for a newbie or someone from a third country, it is a net of $150 month.

    From your statement, with adsense, blending your ads even with the new clickable area is what performs best. which is so true. I haven’t monitored the colors like you have done (as you reported in your post) but I have seen increase in all sites where I have blended ads (apart on some, which perform better with outstanding ads).

    Thanks to both for your words, hope to hear more about what people think on this.

  4. My biggest problem was with Adsense blocks where the text (title, description, url) was all the same colour. I’m still going through hundreds of pages and changes any ads that appear like that 🙂

    Yeah I remember when I was delighted to see $5 a day with Adsense!

  5. CatherineL says:

    Astrit – as you know I was ill for a good few weeks so I didn’t even hear about the adsense clickable zone.

    I’ve checked and revenue is down.

    Why are Google doing this. I know it is a pain when you click one adsense ad, then you are taken to a site with a heap more adsense ads etc – all owned by one company. But, why should those of us who just have well blended ads and don’t trick people to click be penalised?

  6. Hey Catherine, as i said, I am glad you are doing better, it is a pleasure to see you around.

    Google’s AdSense team is not actually penalizing publishers with the new clickable zone, they are trying to simply fight accidental clicks by reducing the clickable zone of the ad. This change tho has had impact on revenue of many publishers for an “unknown reason” to me.