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Open topic | October 30th, 2007 | 5 Comments

The SEO Optimization blog in this last month of October has been flooded with spam comments. At the beginning I was moderating manually the comments and marking as spam the spam ones, but than the spam comments started to increase more and more as those damn spam bots were becoming smarter and smarter and now they have learned math and manage to pass my math spam comment buster.

The only way to stop all this spam automatically it was to activate the plugin Askimet which comes as default with every WordPress installation. After the activation of the plugin SEO Optimization started to breath some fresh air and I became less worried about spam and manually moderating them.

So far, since the day I have activated Askimet it has busted 187 spam comments and the total of the spam comments is 257 (practically 50%) and thats a load of saved time. Even tho Askimet has saved me from the hassle to mark as spam the spam comments it has created me also another problem, so far 4 legit comments have ended up in the spam box and I had to manually mark them as legit comments, and this causes me that I check the spam box every time the spam comments db increases in case there is a legit comment that needs to be manually approved and market as legit comment.

If you are suffering from spam comments than I advice you to activate the Askimet plugin from the Plugins menu of your WordPress and save a lot of time moderating manually the spam comments. Note: spam comments can negativelly effect SEO of your site by decreasing keyword density within your content and stuffing non welcome keywords.

Fight spam.

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5 Responses to “Askimet and WordPress spam Comments”
  1. GH3 Cheats says:

    Wow they even get through the question? Im really surprised i havent started getting spam comments yet. My blog is onlY A MONTH old though so i may be speaking too early.

  2. Well I was hoping in first place that they won’t pass the question…but apparently they do. And there is especially one spammer (or human) that keeps flooding the comment box with spam.

    Will have to think about a new way to stop them damn bots (but so far Askimet has done a great job).

  3. Erik Karey says:

    Since I’ve started my blog askimet has blocked 1564 spam comments and very few…maybe 10 have been legitimate comments. I think it’s one of the only spam tools the average blog needs.

  4. Indeed it saves us from loads of hassle so far I am lovin’ it, did not needed to activate the plugin until a week or so ago.