Google AdSense taking action against arbitrage publisher accounts

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Google AdSense as of 1st June 2007 will disable all arbitrage publishers. This will (as rumors tell) will affect also MFA sites (it was about time Google takes these actions).

Many users on the webmaster forums did let the readers know that they have already received e-mail from Google AdSense regarding this, and that they were already informed that their account will be suspended as of June 1st.

It has been a tough war with the arbitrage/MFA sites for many of the honest AdSense publishers, filtering daily 5-10 MFA sites from your AdSense account will not be really necessary anymore. From a business perspective it does make sense for Google to take these actions, since so many Google AdWords advertisers refuse to advertise on the content network because of the “Made For AdSense” sites, advertisers would receive traffic from those sites. In long terms from this action will benefit the honest publishers (once the AdWords advertisers will decide to come back and advertise on AdWords content network), no more low paying clicks and finally the readers that will click on the ads will find decent results for what they are looking.

Google AdSense also said to the arbitrage/MFA publishers that they will be paying their earnings for till 1st of June when their accounts will be disabled.

Feel free to comment the above post if you have been affected or have received the e-mail from Google AdSense or if you feel this is a good/bad that Google made by disabling arbitrage and MFA publishers.

Personally, i think this is just a great move. I wanna hear your opinions.

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