Guide: Cleaning Up Search Results on Google

Google search engine | July 27th, 2012 | Comments Off on Guide: Cleaning Up Search Results on Google

Since the latest algorithmic updates the SERP (search engine result pages) are coming up more annoying then ever with same sites getting multiple listings (and I am not referring to site links), more ads appearing on high commercial intend keywords and the Google’s own properties racking up on top of the SERPs that result in a very poor user experience but a very high profit margin for Google’s pockets (aye, they clean the serps..don’t they?).

How many of you have actually performed a simple search query to find yourself bombed with same site getting multiple pages (and often one after another)? Or even worst, you perform a search about a product but you get anywhere between 40-60% of the page results from youtube videos that really do not add anything of value or provide solution to your search query? To me it has happened quiet often.

Even tho its easy for me to clean up the search results so I can go through less pages and eye-scan the results page itself easier for million of other users that use Google to find results its not that easy, and the time they spend to find the results is increasing while they need to waste time on useless youtube videos that aren’t the solution the user is looking for, but it ranks just because of the flaw of this algorithm (and being Googles property i’d speculate too). Hence I felt i should help to those that want clear results by writing this post and showing you how you can clean up the results and get the data/info as quickly as possible as you used to before this update.

your search query

That simple query syntax it simply tells search engines: I am looking for this specific thing and i don’t care about videos as Its wasting my time (obviously replace “your search query” with the desired information you are looking for). The – before the domain name it eliminates results from that specific domain (obviously the – boolean operator can be used for anything else, to even eliminate a word as I have explained this boolean operator back in 2007).

Easy enough right? Well share it with those that you think are wasting more time going through useless youtube videos that rank higher just because of their authority and don’t really provide a solution to peoples search query.

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