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Google search engine, SEO Tutorials | March 13th, 2008 | 2 Comments

There are couple new things going on at Google, some smart moves and some interesting changes. I have used Google for the whole day already and everything seemed just as always, until later tonight when I saw a major change on the Search Engine Page Results (SERPs).

What I saw after performing a search is that the title of the sites in the SERPs have been highlighted and are more outstanding than the rest, while the description has a more soft look as well as the URL on the results. To some this new look might seem as it hurts eyes, but I find it very interesting and this new change reminds us not to forget being creative with our title tag and optimizing it well, the click through rate should bounce with such an appealing title on the SERPs.

I took a screenshot of the SERPs just in case I have not gone all weird and my eyes are too tired to see realistic things but instead illusions, so here is how I see the SERPs hours later.

New Google SERPs Look

And to just repeat myself, in some way this new look is speaking clear how creative you should be with your title tag and how important the role of another on-page optimization plays for Search Engine Optimization. As far as it regards the new change I will see to write about it tomorrow, it is closely related with Googles new algorithm some how. But until then, what are your opinions about this new look of the SERPs ? (or is it my eyes playing with me?).

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2 Responses to “Google SERPs – Title’s Highlighted”
  1. Matt cutts always says, write any word combinations that people would enter on search bar. That’s a pretty good rule I guess

  2. Lucille Ball says:

    Good for webmaster & it’s attractive.