Hook, Line & Sinker: Creating Great Linkbait

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Linkbait, or linkable content, is any content on a site that is designed to encourage people to link to it. The more attractive the linkable content, the less effort will be needed to gain quality links to your site. It is important for your content to attract links, encourage conversions and aid your business strategy at every avenue.

Analyse Your Competitors

Creating great linkbait is not just about creating quality content. It’s about creating quality content that is above and beyond anything your competitors are offering. You can encourage higher quality links naturally by ensuring you are always one step ahead of the competition in terms of your content assets. Take the time each month to analyse your competitor’s content and their backlinks to see which personas are attracted to which particular kinds of content.

Identify Content Quality

Think about what quality means to your visitors. Will they want clear, digestible information or lengthy in-depth analyses? Either way, it needs to be well-written, engaging and relevant. People within your niche will naturally want to link to the highest quality articles and content assets. Focus on detailed and informative content that really appeals to your target market.

Enhance Existing Content

The most efficient way to create great linkbait is to rework what you already have. Look to enhance any existing content on a regular basis. Look at any content that requires tweaking to make it more attractive to link prospects within your niche. Updating your content regularly can keep it fresh, ensuring it remains relevant and linkable for longer.

Range of Media

Utilise a range of content asset types to attract link prospects. Not everyone can be bothered to read a load of essays. Think about other ways to make your information easily digestible. Infographics, screenshots, whitepapers, videos and templates are a great way to encourage people to link to your site as they will find your content assets genuinely useful and informative.

Promoting Content Assets

There is no point having a bucket of bait if you don’t hook it to the line and throw it in the water. Networking with industry influencers is the key to promoting any new content assets or linkbait you have to showcase. Here are a few things you can do to catch the big fish:

  • Use guest blogs to promote your new content assets
  • Keep your blog up to date with your latest content assets
  • Utilise videos and new media content
  • Create newsworthy content that can create PR buzz
  • Setup competitions and freebies to encourage interaction

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