SEO Changes in the Long Run

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You probably remember the previous article if it works why change it well here is why.

If you feel like your website or blog does not receive the maximum traffic or at least it does not receive the traffic you desire than most probably you are ready to make some changes to your website or blog. Not everyone is born with knowledge, and most of the time we learn from our own mistakes. Even tho I have a moderate knowledge on SEO with this blog I have acted the same way you would have acted with your own blog, without the knowledge of targeting the right keywords and not knowing the meaning of making those necessary combination of keywords that give you the freedom to rank for more than one keyword with the same page.

When I first started this blog it was named SE Optimization, even tho that title does make sense it has non to some search queries a month and this means targeting that keyword would be a waste of time and money and the benefits would be really none. But why i started targeting THAT keyword, i was curious how much time would it need for Google’s spider bot to crawl the changes once they were made and what would the benefits be.

Than I changed once again the title structure and not only for the homepage but also for the inner pages too, I changed the title to SEO Optimization | Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but I did not used the All In One SEO Pack, instead I used the WordPress Title seo hack, and the inner pages were like Page Title | SEO Optimization | Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The changes did not took much time and the new URL structure was crawled within a week or two, after all the blog was still new and had around 50-60 posts. The results in traffic were not what I expected (or rather, were not as you would have expected). Even tho the homepage ranked on top 30 for SEO Optimization the inner pages were a total disaster. And you might be wondering why, the title structure I used here had way much length to boost the prominence and importance to the page title (even tho the page title was the first to appear in the title tag).

Later on with the new design I learned more about SEO (or rather, you learned more, read this article as you have written it). I activated and set up the All in one SEO Pack to make possible that the title of the posts structure becomes PageTitla | SEO Optimization instead of the long Page Title | SEO Optimization | Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I could of make so the title of the posts is Page Title only, but since I like to call this blog SEO Optimization i didn’t wanted to lose the branding.

Now after almost a month with the help of the internal linking structure most of the pages have been crawled and changes have been made, the new titles and descriptions have been updated and can be seen in the SERPs of Google.

The Results

I will not use numbers for the results, but will try as much as possible to give a clue. Apart that the traffic has increased on the homepage for certain keywords, my inner pages perform way much better today than when I first started. The traffic has literally doubled in the inner pages which is the main reason why you should DARE to make changes if you know what you are doing finally.

Make some research, learn about title optimization and how to make combination of keywords to be able to rank for more than just one keyword with one same page and make more research and more research until you really won’t understand what you really want, which keywords are worth targeting and how all this thing works. Once you have learned that and feel inside you that those are the right keywords you want to target than give it a go and don’t stop.

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4 Responses to “SEO Changes in the Long Run”
  1. CatherineL says:

    Hi Astrit – I use All In One SEO too but I am not sure if I am doing this right. In title should I be putting part of the post title and also my domain?

    Also I’m not sure if I like the Success Passcode name anymore. I bought the domain but then i couldn’t figure out how to do the pointing at the new domain.

  2. Online Money says:

    Great post on SEO.I enjoy reading and nice theme.

  3. Nice to see you again around Catherine,
    Yes i have notice you are using All in One SEO Pack and have notice that your blogs homepage uses the title of the last post. Most probably in the home page title you are using %post_title% variable, which is the variable of the post title.

    Lets say you target the keywords Business Blog, in the home page title you should place as title Business Blog instead of the page title variable. Like this you will always have the same title for the homepage.

    Lets do it this way, send me an email at webmaster at of how the settings of your all in one seo pack are so I can have a better clue

    Online Money, good to see you around 🙂 and thanks for the theme