I gave so far, it is time to ask

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Web Design Contest Vote As the title says, so far i gave and shared what i knew in regard to SEO Optimization and wrote seo tutorials, shared also some news about whats going on in internet and internet marketing and advertising tips.
All what i could share to far hope it was helpful to you, this does not mean i will stop sharing new secrets and write more tutorials on SEO but it is time to ask for your support now. The WordPress theme I use for this blog it is one of the free wordpress themes that you can find and download for free on internet, nothing special, nothing professional honestly. When i first download this theme it was not exactly as it is, had to modify some things and hack some parts to make it suit better for my needs and for the readers needs. I was already thinking to make a new theme for SEO Optimization blog but am caught with many things and doubt I will have time to make a design as i would want and as this blog would deserve to have, but there is an opportunity for DNseo.net to get a new blog design for free, and thats where your support will be needed.

At the beginning of this post you will notice a image on the top right corner, at the bottom of the image you will also see the VOTE NOW, you might be asking, what all that has to do with us and how can we support SEO Optimization blog. Well, there is a web design contest going by lifeBLUE media right now. Actually this is the weirdest web design contest I have ever seen so far, and thats what inspired me to take part of this contest (usually i ignore contests if they are not interesting or big premiums are on game), the contest is about the worst web design, yep, you did read correctly, it is a contest for the worst web design. lifeBLUE media is running this web design contest and as premium it offers a FREE web design to the site that will have most votes as UGLY design. Okey, this theme is not ugly actually, it has some slight errors in IE (which I am able to fix) but, having a unique design, eye relaxing and easy navigable for the readers of DNseo.net would be a good thing.

You can contribute to DNseo.net by clicking the image that is on the top right of this post and vote for DNseo’s design as the worst design, by this, you will help me to have a new design for DNseo, save me time to invest more in writing and sharing secrets and tutorials for you (the reader) and have a more pleasant surfing at my SEO optimization blog.

Thank you everyone (that will vote).

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