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There is no chance that you have missed the title of all the money makers. All their titles goes like “Make Money Online with Bloggers Name”. It is not a coincidence that they use their name in the title, as they try to make a branding out of their name. When you hear John Chow you associate it directly with his domain name, and not with his companies name TTZ Media, another example about the brand power is Coca Cola and the red background with a curved white line.

Another way companies (and I have mainly notice this happen in the web hosting industry) build their brand is by presenting us their name all over their site, mainly in the title of their pages. Their company name gets repeated that often that we already associate their company name or slogan with their domain name directly. If I’d say Fanatical Support those that are pretty much in the web hosting industry will know who I am speaking about, the rest, just make a search in Google and you will find out.

Optimize your inner page title

On my title optimization post I wrote about how to optimize your homepage title to be able to rank for several keywords rather than just one. Than recently I wrote a post called unique title better seo, posts which are closely connected with the current one I am writing now.

Since search engines give lots of weight to keywords we use in title, and as we know that keyword density is one of the SEO factors that helps your site in the search engine rankings. The higher the density of your targeted keywords are in your page (and specially in the title since thats what this article is about) the higher are the chances to rank better in the search engine page results. In other words, If I will want to rank higher for title optimization with the title optimizations page i’d make sure that the keyword density in the title of that post is 100%.

This blog was started on 4th April, the day when I first installed wordpress as blogging platform and still my first blog uses the default hello world title. Since 4th April 2007 I have kept the inner page titles and some other on page optimization techniques in the wrong way. All those months of wrong thing? What a crazy idea, knowing the solution but keeping it wrong, even when I changed the title of the homepage to something new I did not changed it for the rest of the inner pages. The only intention was to let the blog get aged and to build some trust with the search engines so I could show how effective the changes would have been if you. me or anyone else did things as they should of have been done.

If i used the proper title for my internal pages, I would not be ranking for keyword seo optimization in MSN with my resources page. If we don’t help search engines to know how to determine our position in the SERPs than we can’t expect much (even tho MSN search engine is weird on its own).

Let the experiment begin

As you have seen, lately I have mostly wrote about on page optimization, eliminate duplicate content, how to eliminate duplicate content and some other techniques that regard on page seo optimization, in simple words, with each post I made I have modified my site to boost as high as I can the internal pages in the SERPs of the major search engines.

This is also the first and only experiment that goes live and not behind the scenes as the rest of the experiments I have made, it will take some time to see the results of this experiment, but we will monitor this together (and hopefully everything goes right as this goes all public).

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