The 3 SEO Steps

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When you launch your self into a business for the first time usually you make a research of the business, what the price range goes, how you can compete with the already established business holders in that niche and how you can become a competitor…based on the quality of the products or on the price? Than you get into the game and market your business promoting the strong part of your business (which would be also the threat for competitors). That same rule applies with search engine optimization (SEO) as well.

The 3 SEO steps that everyone that launched a website or blog online for the first time on a certain niche should know.

Keyword Research

The first SEO step would be the keyword research and analyzes. Find the keyword that works best for you than make an analyze of the keyword, how much queries it performs monthly (and make sure it has a good amount of queries monthly if you want to receive a decent traffic from search engines), look at the SERPs of Google which of sites rank higher for the same keywords you target, take notes on each sites, where and how that site has used those keywords. Keep all this data in your desktop as you will need them on the second and third step. The more analyzes you make the more you will learn about your niche and those keywords.

On Page SEO

The second SEO step is the on page seo. The on page seo covers all the seo techniques that are involved WITHIN your website, the coding, the title optimization, metatag description, image optimization, internal linking, the use of h1 tag and also the keyword density within the body of your site. You can use Web CEO to measure keyword density and some other on page seo factors of your site.

All these on page seo factors are more important than what you can think, it can play a crucial role in SEO. After all, you can’t expect to run if you can’t walk yet.

Off Page SEO

Off page seo is the last step of the list and it is the step that takes much longer time than any of the previous two steps, actually I would say is that endless SEO step that you should never stop doing.

If we have done well first and second SEO step we can save a huge amount of time and money on the off page seo optimization. The off page SEO involves all the seo techniques that we need to implement but does not involve modification of our site. With off page seo we intend, link building and link building and link building and more backlink building, is it from web sites or blogs or web directories or forums it doesn’t matter really matter. Actually the off page seo is that endless strategy of building quality relevant backlinks.

With quality backlinks I would mean backlinks from sites that don’t just massively build outgoing links from their site, the site has to be authoritative and needs to have quality informative content, in other words it should be a trusted site.

Relevant backlinks are those backlinks we receive from sites that share the same or similar information to our site. If we have a SEO services website we would rather want backlinks from seo blogs, seo tool site, seo forum and other webmaster forums/sites that are some how involved with the search engine optimization. The point is that a sports website does not have anything to do with SEO in terms of content and information and search engines can easily detect this. Lets say we don’t care if search engines will detect or not this, I would still not recommend spending money on building links from non relevant sites and the reason is the traffic. A sports visitors has no knowledge about SEO and most probably does not even know what SEO stands for and hence it would be difficult to even receive traffic from that site (and on services website with traffic we mean to say potential customer).

The 3 SEO steps Conclusion

If you really have patience and take your time to make all these analyzes, researches, testing, learning you will most probably have success and will manage to rank higher in the SERPs in the long run. If you intend to rank first on the first page of the serps within few days than your destiny is to fail from that same moment that thought crossed your mind. It requires patience, analyzes, researches, work, work and more work.

It might require longer time than hiring a seo expert or a whole seo firm, and if you can afford to hire one good for you, Aaron Wall the author of SEO book charges $500/hour (read it somewhere but if Aaron is reading this article and what I said is not true i would appreciate if he takes his time and comments), but if you can’t afford than you better sit down and carefully read this article, follow it step by step and at the end you will be able to do seo for yourself on the first site, the second, the third and more and more. Just don’t forget to do your seo gradually.

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