My first impression about Kontera

Make Money Online | November 15th, 2007 | 1 Comment

After I got contacted from Katherine Larner of Kontera and received my Kontera JavaScript Tag I was enthusiast and already wanted to install it.

To install the javascript in a wordpress blog is pretty much easy, all you have to do is add the javascript code before the body closing tag which is usually located in the footer.php file, once added the code save the file and you are done since the rest of the files will call the footer.php page and it will appear in all posts.

The first impression I had about Kontera (and all thanks to Katherine L.) was impressive and pleasant, made me feel as something more than just a Kontera publisher. After several email exchanges with Katherine I found out that my application was actually accepted on 6th of November (6 days after I applied) but for some reason I did not received any email from them. The first doubt was that the email has ended up on the bulk or spambox but I did not found it there nor I remember it had ever received an email from Kontera.

I have still much to learn about Kontera and how to optimize it to generate better revenue. Using a heatmap generator script such as the web based one that Crazy Egg provides can help me realize up to a certain point how can I optimize my site for Kontera. Okey there are thousands of informations and eBook about Konter but I like the trial and error kind of way to learn things. It takes longer but it helps you better to understand how it works.

One thing I still bugs me is the stats, when I try to check the stats for yesterdays or todays stats on Kontera it does not allow me and gives me an error that I am exceeding the last verification date (have to figure how the stats work, but apparently they are not in real time).

To enroll in the Kontera’s affiliate program you have to use their javascript for at least 30 days, after 30 days you can simply request a inclusion in the affiliate program and generate 10% commission of the earnings that your referral will earn.

Lets hope Kontera will help to increase the earnings that SEO Optimization generates so far, right it manages to pay its own bills. Never thought to turn this blog into a money making machine, but if there is a chance…tell me, why not?

Update: I just checked the stats and it now displays stats for 14th November. This update is impressing me even more on the PPC rate Kontera pays. I do strongly belive that Kontera will be able to bring a solid revenue for SEO Optimization and most probably become the main resource of a bill pay website for this seo blog.

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  1. That’s good to read. I just signed up for a Kontera and was wondering how effective it is…