New AdSense Sliding Ads

Make Money Online | December 14th, 2007 | Comments Off on New AdSense Sliding Ads

If you were surprised by the “Show More Ads” feature that Google AdSense introduced in the past month (or two) than let them surprise you with yet another more cool feature.

The show more ads were supposed to be clicked and it was going to refresh the adsense ad block in order to display new ads, but the very new feature it performs like a slideshow which has one up arrow and one down arrow, clicking on the up or down arrow it will slide up/down and display more ads.

Here is a screenshot of the new adsense ads with up and down arrow which permits you to slide the ads and show new ads if the ones you see you don’t like. You can notice the arrows at the bottom of the screenshot, the arrow that is dark is because of the mouse hover effect.
New AdSense Sliding Ads
I just notice this new sliding ads feature, and I think it is much better than the “Show more” link, but in any case, if one sees a current ad it is going to click it, don’t think will go scrolling and sliding the ads to show more relevant ads.

What are your thoughts about these new ads?

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