Says who webmasters don’t care about PageRank ?

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Google search engine and their “webmasters entertainment tool, PageRank” created more than a buzz i would say Addiction among webmasters and their sites PageRank. This “entertainment tool” it was presented as a ranking method of votes (aka backlinks) that a site receives. The tool was than transformed into a real online business where webmasters would determine (and they still do) the value and price of a outbound link they sell from their own website.

When PageRank became well established tool to determine and control the link selling & buying business Google decided that it was the right time to take it down on those webmasters which were abusing and selling PageRank. The battle than expanded into ALL link seller and buyers that were tricking Google algorithm and what would be the best example to show that they are serious on this issue? Of course, take some of the lovely green bar, PageRank, to big sites and scare out the small fishes (or rather, speak to the small fishes).

During the announcement of the battle and the first phase when Google took hard mainly on the big guys the webmasters were already discussing about a new alternative to determine price on links they can sell. The whole discussion would expand so much on “I don’t care about PageRank”, “I don’t rely on PR” and all those type of lines.

The funny thing is that, on DigitalPoint on 28th December 2008 a thread about PageRank update was started, and noone cares about Page Rank anymore, right? Well NO folks, the thread was already 3 pages long in no time, first post was made on 12:13 am last post was made on 5:09 pm. So, in less than 5 hours the thread turned into 3 pages long, total of 56 comments (until now) and viewed 709 times, even tho the thread was full of disinformation of a guy that had a fata-morgana that had his websites PageRank updated.

Even tho the replies were mainly from people asking if the guy was dreaming or other reporting that they have checked their 7-10 sites and non had Page Rank updated, this tells that webmasters still DO rely on PageRank and are monitoring their sites, building backlinks with the only intention to increase PR and even more important, prices on link sales are still well determined by PageRank. Not only this thread, but even the one on Buy, Sell & Trade forum thread you can see a good amount of threads with title “Selling links on PR-X site” etc.

I want to shout on all those that claim they DON’T care or that they don’t rely on PageRank to stop filling others with non-sense while they are privately and regularly following forum threads with titles PR update and pagerank update. PageRank for some is a business model based on which they can determine the price of textual links they are selling and for others it is just building their ego (i’d say I am falling on this second category) as it means that a good amount of websites are linking back to you. What does PageRank mean to you?

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One Response to “Says who webmasters don’t care about PageRank ?”
  1. I have to agree with you that Pagerank is only important to people who’s business model is relying on that (link directories etc). For me it’s not that important, I feel better if my sites have high PR, but I’m not going to buy tons of high PR backlinks because my site’s pagerank is low.