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During the big buzz on Google search engine and web directory penalization all SEO guys got in confusion. It is not that easy now to hire a directory submission company that will submit your site to quality web directories and it is even more hard to find a quality web directory.

It is not enough to see a web directory that is promoting their directory to the maximum to measure the quality of the directory. The guideline to find quality web directory since the day I wrote to date might not be that accurate and useful (yet i believe it is a great way to find quality web directories).

But today i am willing to present you a quality web directory here at SEO Optimization. You might have notice this directory here at SEO Optimization in different places (the sidebar banner, in the seo resource list, on web directory penalization and seo and directory submission posts), the directory I am talking about is the V7N Directory.

If you have read the directory penalization post you are aware that the worst penalty these directories received is that they don’t rank even for their own branding name. This is not the case with V7N Directory and what is most important is that the directory meets all the criteria that Matt Cutts said a quality directory should have.

Speaking about criteria, there are strict rules you need to follow when submitting your site to V7N Directory, even tho this is a paid directory if you don’t meet their submission guidelines your website will not be accepted and it will not be listed in the directory index. Here are the 4 guideline rules:

The rules seem simple, but lets see how you would get faster accepted in V7N Directory by following these guidelines

Use the name of the site, not keywords as title. In other words, use your branding name.

Use a descriptive description and not a keyword stuffed description.

When you are adding keywords during the directory submission pay attention, this is the most spammed part even not intentionaly. I will try to give an example on here so you can get a picture of how you should add keywords and avoid to get your submission denied. Lets take as example your web site is called and if you add as keywords like this suzuki, motorcycle, bike it will be much likely accepted but you won’t perform well when someone searches through the directory, a better keywords for the site would be suzuki, motorcycle, motorcycles, bike, bikes, motocross, hayabusa, katana, volusia, gs500f, motorsports, motorsport, atv, bandit, marauder. This way your site will appear even when someone searches for motorcycles (the plural for motorcycle), but pay attention not to stuff with keywords and spam the directory.

Do not try to get maximum exposure by typing your URL all in capitals, it will be a waste of time and the entry will definitively be rejected, instead drop your caps and add the URL in lowercaps.

By following these 4 steps of the guideline you will be 100% accepted in the V7N Directory.

SEO Optimization recommends you this quality web directory to submit your web site at. The V7N Directory homepage is of PR6 and has several PageRank4 + categories. Give it a try now and submit to V7N Directory for only $49.95 (one time fee).

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