Synonym operator and numeric interval operator

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After the previous posts about Google Search Engine where I tried to explain how you can perform a search query with Google search engine to obtain the most relevant results and save time during the search for your interested product or information by performing a exact match keyphrase research in closed quotes or manipulating the search engine boolean operators and the combination of the both examples.

Today i decided to explain how you can perform a search by using synonyms that search engines (mainly Google search engine) recognize and how can you make a research for a product that will fit your price-range budged.

Synonyms and Google Search Engine

Often happens that we do not receive the results that we performed a search for in the search engines because the keyword or the keyphrase we used did not represent exactly what we were searching for.

By using Google’s search engine Synonym operator, character ~ (tilde) before the synonym (abbreviation) will tell Google search engine to show on the SERPs results of pages containing that synonym as well as sites that use the entire word for the given synonym.

Lets take an example, if we perform a search query for keyword ape with Google search engine we will find in the SERPs results of pages that have the word “ape” in the content or in the domain name, but if we add the tilde character before the word ape as ~ape in the SERPs we will have results of pages that contain the word ape, monkey, chimpanzee, gorilla etc. which will help use to find faster the desired page.

note: using abbr HTML attribute to describe the acronym can many times help your page in the SERPs

Numeric interval

To find results on numeric values interval (dates, value, dimension, price range etc) is one of the hardest things to find with search engines if you don’t know how to use the numeric interval operator command. By using the numeric interval operator we can perform a perfect search query and give us exact results we want.

Lets presume you have a budged of $50-100 dollars to spend monthly on seo service and you want to find a seo company that will provide you seo services within that price range. If you perform a search query like seo service $50 to $100 month you will find results about pages that contain the words seo, service, $50, $100 which could be a good result for us but not good enough. Using the numeric interval operator we can get richer results on the SERPs, lets see in action the numeric interval operator.

seo service $50..100 month

Do you notice the two dot’s between the $50 and the 100 numbers? Thats the numeric interval operator, and if we perform a search query in that way we will have results about pages that provide seo service for $50, $51, $59, $99 or $100 month, it will include all the prices from $50 to $100. We need to indicate the monetary sign (in this case dollars $) only once to tell Google search engine that we want results about SEO companies that offer SEO services and charge in U.S. dollars.

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