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The most common question of SEO newbies is how to index a web page on search engine. On many webmaster forums i have seen threads started only for asking tips and assistance on the best and quickest way for search engine submission. You might take it as simple question, but to many newbies search engine submissions is very important. Everything that is important for my readers is important for me to, there for on this post i will put in light this old way of getting indexed on search engines and free web site search engine submission.

Web site promotion and search engine submission is of high importance for everyone who’s goal is to received targeted organic traffic. I will presume that you have done all the search engine optimization in-site for your website so i won’t speak about that on this post. (Read also Building your website thinking SEO)

Major search engines such as Google search engine, Yahoo search engine or MSN search engine have an option for free search engine submission. The free web site search engine submission option is given right from their website so you don’t need any third party software to do this, unless you intend to do a bulk search engine submission on all search engines. I will list the URL where you can submit your web site for free on the search engines mentioned above.

Following the above links you can manually submit your website on those search engines, once you have complete the free search engine submission form all you have to do is sit and wait for your site to get indexed.

Hold on, this might take up to 7 days or more before you website gets indexed on the search engines (usually the first to index websites ‘from my own experience‘ is the Yahoo search engine, than following Google search engine and later MSN search engine). But we don’t want to wait for that long to get indexed on the search engines, we want to beat the time and get indexed earlier, because every day that passes and we don’t have our website indexed on search engines we lose traffic.

How to get indexed faster on search engines?
It is an old tip but the best one for sure, the fastest way to get your website indexed on search engines is by having link (or more than one link) from older websites pointing to your site, that have a good PR and are frequently crawled by the search engine bots. So lets list all steps and find out how to faster index a web page on search engines step by step.

  • free web site search engine submission (manual SE submission as explained above)
  • add a xml sitemap in the search engines webmaster corner (remember to update xml sitemap once you add a new page to your website)
  • get a backlink from a higher PageRank website that gets often crawled by search engine bots, or simply link your website in signature if you are a member of a busy forum

These are not the only methods to get your site indexed by search engines but are definitively the most effective ways to get your website indexed. Many presume that adding Google AdSense ads on a new site will invite the Google’s Mediapartners bots and Google bot to crawl your site (this is what others presume, and i can’t confirm this. This presumed method also should work ONLY for Google search engine, what about the other search engines, we don’t want to leave them behind).

I belive that this is will be helpful for many but in case if you know any tips that would work for newbies or would want to push the newbies into a more advanced methods please share your tip by commenting on this post, or if you have any questions just ask.

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