WidgetBucks Not a Scam

Make Money Online | December 9th, 2007 | 7 Comments

With the buzz of WidgetBucks and the new way of monetizing your website with more cool looking ads through their widget also the doubts if WidgetBucks is a scam or not seriously raised. Many webmaster were skeptic as if this is a solid company or not and if they were going to pay their publishers in December as it was reported.

Well today, Paul from Making The Money cleared that doubt (at least to me) with his WidgetBucks Pays Up post and publishes a screenshot of the payment he received from Mpire Corporation. The screenshot is of a nice sum which would definitively bring a nice smile upon anyones face right before the Holidays.

Paul’s payment of $783.18 was made yesterday via PayPal, and seems like Mpire has an agreement with PayPal not to charge fee’s to the recipient of the payment, another company doing this I remember is NameDrive (a domain parking company).

Congrats to Paul Barlow for the big payment that he received from WidgetBucks.

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7 Responses to “WidgetBucks Not a Scam”
  1. The cool thing is I already know that the figures for November are pretty good as well. Will be a nice bonus after the expense of Christmas!

  2. River Plate says:

    I will try WidgetBcks…

    bye 😉


  3. Thats a good thing Paul 😉 I am almost jealous 😛

    River, yeah it is worth trying. For some (as in this example Paul) widgetbucks seems to be performing great. Even tho your website is more football (soccer for americans) related site the sports category might work out on your site. Since the early december (as they reported) they will be serving CPM ads to Non-US/Canada traffic as well.

  4. […] the revenue you can make from WidgetBucks, especially if you have a wide geo location traffic. Paul Barlow got paid $780 few days ago, I believe he will make even more revenue with the International CPM ads now being […]

  5. BT says:

    I disagree, their site is flaky, even though I have 1000+ impressions the ecpm and the money in my account is Zero. they do not seem to answer queries (I send a question more than 1 month back and yet to hear anything from them).
    they link 3rd party ads on their widgets.BT

  6. dop says:

    I have got the money from widgetbucks by paypal.