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If you want a website then you need a web hosting account. Even if you need a one single sales letter page to sell a product you still need a website. But when we are talking about more complex sites, such as WordPress which does query the MySQL database every time a new user lands in your website, which it keeps growing the database every time you publish a new article and attach a new image to it, which it keeps growing even more when you have comments to your articles then what you need is not just a web hosting but rather a real hosting company that does understand the hosting needs for WordPress bloggers.

As you may know most of the big bloggers around here like John Chow or Jeremy Schoemaker or Darren Rowse or Sugar Rae are already on their dedicated server for their blog or most likely using large storage hosting plans with excellent speed servers, and that’s all mainly because as the success of your blog grows the need for a better web hosting is needed, storage, database query speed, load speed etc..all things that do require CPU usage.

The web hosting which I am reviewing in this post has never paid me to write this review nor I am doing this review for the sake of linking to their affiliate link, the point is I really like their servers, I really like their service, I like the fact that they do understand bloggers and are there to help you out at any time even with things that no web hosting company would ever bother with. I do run a small web hosting company of my own and I have never blogged about it, at least this should tell that I truthfully recommend you WordPress Web Hosting (but I will however link to their affiliate link).

The first time I heard about WP Web Host was six months ago when they approached me on my xhtml coding services website and offered to sponsor me with their hosting services. I was skeptical at the beginning as I didn’t wanted to place my business on a hosting company that I don’t know and that hasn’t been around for long enough. But since I was already planing to move that site to another host I thought the timing was excellent and accepted their offer but made sure my alarm to ring every 3 days so I backup the site (yeah I forget a lot).

After six months now I can really tell that I am amazed of their servers and of their support. For six months now only once I had a problem with their mailing server so had to open a support ticket on which I received a response pretty quickly with a positive answer that the issue was fixed (yeah, they saved me the hassle of reading a ticket like: thanks for contacting us, we will let you know once we resolve the problem). Not even once it happened that I ended up finding that the site was down (well I actually even never monitored it through one of the monitoring services I use but that is because I am often within the panel and in the webmail).

Aside their fast support and the excellent server speed the WP Web Host’s hosting package is pretty rich too

  • 50GBs of web space
  • 500GBs of monthly bandwidth
  • Host up to 50 domain names
  • With every hosting order, a premium wordpress theme exclusively designed for WP Web Host customers

That is a nice amount of disk storage and even more bandwidth then you could expect to be using. And all that for only $5 a month if you purchase a bi-yearly plan or $8 a month if you decide to rent the space monthly.

Just as with any web hosting company, before I (and probably you) sign up the first thing I do is read their Terms of Service..where I ended up in one unclear part to me, its about the Server resources usage where I read…

Should your account utilize an excessive amount of server resources (including, but not limited to, CPU processing time, memory usage and network resources) for a sustained period of time, WPWebHost reserves the right to request that you either upgrade your web hosting service package or reduce your account’s use of resources to an acceptable level.

The italicized terms, excessive amount and acceptable level of utilization of the servers resources is something that is not well specified. What is excessive for WPWebHost? What is acceptable? Well I have no clue, but perhaps they will be kind enough to update their terms of services page so we can know or at least they will pass by and let us know by commenting.

Aside that point I have nothing else to say about WPWebHost except that they are a great web hosting and the excellent place to host your wordpress blog. If you are planing to start a new blog based on wordpress or you are already thinking to migrate your blog to a different server i suggest you to consider WPWebHost (you can even try them for free for 30 days and make up your mind before paying).

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5 Responses to “Web Hosting for WordPress”
  1. Internet Age says:

    Yup, WordPress requires a little extra attention. That’s why there are no host provision servers in South Africa offering WordPress hosting, forcing one to host overseas with our slow internet connectivity. This really makes the upload of sites much slower. A bit of a problem, it is!

  2. Yes, that is a very good point. The multiple queries to mysql, image loading and everything is something that is really needed in a web hosting. And no matter how fast or good the servers could be if your visitors are not from where the server is it will however load slower for them.

  3. […] It is the time that the wordpress gets upgraded, even tho i just LOVE the current version, however there are some functions that the old wordpress doesn’t have included and I would need to use plugins for that, such as closing commenting on posts older then X days which would be very useful for me even tho the amount of comments are not too much that could put in danger my web hosting resources. […]

  4. seo blog says:

    If you go happen to be hit by a ton of traffic (Digg for example) I find that supercache plugin really works a treat especially when your server is not as good.

  5. V.C says:

    Big blogger should join this hosting.
    In my opinion, beginners should use free hosting like byethost or buy a cheap plan hosting (about $3/month)