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This week many things has happened which did not gave me enough of time to make new experiments (even tho there is one experiment on go, it should be ready for the next week i believe) hence on SEO Optimization the posting rate has lowered to 5 per week from 7 per week and the worst is that I haven’t wrote even one single SEO tutorial.

Since my brother was going to move to UK for his PhD he quit his job in Milano and moved at my place. Even tho I have two computers I could not manage to run my experiments or even to stay for long enough in front of the computer. But i will try to make over this week and write some seo tutorials.

My new (used) computer

The nightmare started when my old AMD Athlon died. I over used and abused that computer that he couldn’t stand me anymore. So one morning he decided just to retire and left me without all the data I needed, softwares I had installed and experiment files.

That sane day later I went to a computer shop to get me a new (used) computer. I wanted a used one that will cost cheap and it won’t make me feel sick once I start torturing this one too. In the computer store the guy offered me a P4 with 512ram memory and 80 gigs of disk space for 200 euros, no monitor no keyboard or mouse, the price was just fine as for what I needed. Since the day I acquired the computer it has been performing just great. So far so happy I can say.

Comment abuse

This post I wrote from the library near the place I live, I wrote it and published it the same day my computer retired. Was already frustrated since I could not get my hands on my files.

Anyway i logged in into my blog with just one intention, to write a post that there might be a delay for the next day or two (since I had no clue if i was going to get me a new computer that same day or the next one and the worst case I had no clue if I could recover the data of the experiments I had made so far). Once i was in my wordpress admin panel I saw a good amount of unapproved comments (I manually approve the first comments to prevent spam on this lovely SEO Optimization blog). Most of the unapproved comments were spam or people that took their time to comment, linked to their site with the name already and yet had used link signature. Ok, this is not the first time but my patience was already tempted and I was already frustrated for the files. Once again, apologies if someone felt that post was a direct hit on someone (it wasn’t, since you guys have the comments approved).

AdSense Video Units

For those that love adsense (and I am one of them) and more for those that love uploading videos on youtube here is another way to make money online with adsense. You can now used adsense unit ads on videos that you upload on YouTube and earn some extra bucks in your adsense account.

Not many have this option already activated in their account, personally I don’t have it (but after all, i am not a big fan of uploading videos anywhere).

Blogs and Blog Design

It’s funky, it is trendy, it is professional and unique to have a personalized blog design for you blog if you are serious about blogging. After John Chows blog design many blogs got their blogs redesigned, even SEO optimization got a new design. In this post i wasn’t attacking Darin directly more like I was trying to draw a line between beautiful blog design and efficient blog (maybe with a simple layout design). Personally i would prefer a simple elegant and yet effective layout of the blog which I usually visit but many others would care less about that.

WidgetBucks to Make Money Online

WidgetBucks presents us with a new way of publishing ads on your blog or website. The widget they provide us list products whether those are electronic, computer or clothing products, that scroll in that assigned space that we have chosen to display ads. The widget is beautiful and can be easily customized with your layout, the weak points I named are that there are just few shapes we can chose. Another week side of WidgetBucks that Googlelady pointed out was that the affiliate stats are not much accurate. Apparently widgetbucks cares to inform us on clicks and money we have earned, but doesn’t care much to let us know about the affiliates we have referred to them. We will see if they are going to improve this anywhere soon.

Here is another example of how easy we can modify. In this example I will use a 350×200 rectangle with a slightly lighter green color than the previous one, I will use the same category (Computers) but as sub category I will chose softwares. Look at the preview bellow.

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