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While i was surfing today on a nice SEO forum i ended up in a nice discussion thread about inbound links and how to wisely chose where to spend your dollars for text links.

So i decided to drop by, and write a small review about all the discussion and share with the others that what i “learned” today. On this same thread, it was linked a really nice interview made to five link development experts where each of those experts had expressed their idea and interest regarding the money that should be spend on inbound links.

What is a inbound link? – Inbound links are those links that point to your site from other sites, the experts call it Inbound links.

In that interview it was described so nice each persons idea, from this we learn that everyone has his own goal, own point…own interest. Many newbie seo’s buy anchor text links for one only purpose, to improve their website’s Google PageRank on the next update, while to some of the seo experts this method was almost described as waste of time, risky and making Google’s job harder by seeding bunch of paid links.

The other purpose of inbound links mentioned on the interview, was web traffic. The possibility to convert the visitor of the site where you have bought that text link into your visitor and even better (if can give that what the visitors is looking for) to have a regular visitor.

But now, lets see how to wisely buy text links and not just waste money.

* Buying text links for the only purpose to drive in traffic, in this case you would definitively look at the statistics the web site (from where you intend to buy the text link ad space), how many daily unique hits has, how many page views and if the content is relative to yours or in some way to be in connection with the content or services you offer in your website.
* Improving your Google Page Ranking, if this is your goal, and thats where you intend to spend your funds then you would want to check for
– the pagerank of the advertisers website
– the outgoing links from the advertisers website, if there are thousands of outgoing links the quality of advertisers PR diminishes.
– advertisers website backlinks, about this question Roger gave a nice answer which goes

Sometimes you’ll see the backlink count go down an astounding amount, like ten or thirty thousand backlinks. That smells fishy. I call it link kiting, where several link sellers link to each other to get their Google Toolbar green to a certain level. Also might want to visit some of the sites linking to them to make sure it’s not from one entity’s network, or from too few sites in their backlinks. So quantity of backlinks from different sites is good to understand, and hopefully you won’t easily spot signs of a network or common ownership.

Post inspired on the interview of five link developer experts found from SEORefugee forums

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