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I blogged about a seo fellow running a contest back in the beginning of April. The post was mainly to give a hand to a blogger who’s content I like and has something worth to say.

Well since I blogged about it I thought I will test out my luck and reported the blog as contest entry. My hopes to win (just as in many contests) was close to zero and I had actually forgot about Ilia’s SEO Exposed contest until Ilia reminded me on a comment in this blog.

Well I won, yeah I know I can’t believe either, I was actually the 2nd winner and won $30 in cash, 1000 entrecard credits (mhmm..read bellow, you will know how to win this 1000 entrecards) and 125×125 ad spot on Ilia’s SEO and Marketing blog.

Introduction to ExposedSEO Visitors

My name is Astrit and I am 24 years old from Macedonia living in Italy. Been into SEO for over 3 years and on April 2007 I decided to run this SEO blog where I can share some of my knowledge and seo techniques with the rest of you folks.

Some articles you could start reading

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Win 1000 Entrecard Credits

I am very thankful to Ilia for the 1000 Entrecard credits, but I would say that I have become so inactive with entrecard (yeah, even less then one drop per day that I used to do before) that I would actually not even know what to do with them. Said this I decided to give the opportunity to the readers of dnseo.net and exposedseo.com to win these 1000 Entrecards.

What will make you a winner of these 1000 entrecard credits is the comment you will leave on this post. What I want to read from you guys is the reason why you started showing interest and wanted to learn more about SEO. Reasons can be many, and I am eager to know. The best comment (based on my opinion) will be the winner of the 1000 Entrecards which are actually indirectly sponsored by ExposedSEO.com.

Show me your best 😉

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6 Responses to “Welcome ExposedSEO Visitors”
  1. johncarter says:

    Hey Friends!
    I have developed a new web directory and need your valuable comments to know if something needs to be inculcated.
    It will be of great pleasure to have your valuable comments.

  2. seo man says:

    How is the flow of visitors? I doubt you will get millions.

  3. Well definitively not millions but each visitor is welcome 😉 and I know you get what I mean

  4. InterNet Age says:

    Well every visitor counts and I landed up on your blog, and yes Exposed SEO has awesome content.

  5. Yup that is so true Internet Age, and welcome 😉

  6. seo man says:

    Can you remember when I put the banner up? lol I wrote it down somewhere but can’t find that bit of paper. Just want to make sure I don’t take it down too early.