All in one SEO pack 1.4.2

SEO Tutorials | December 4th, 2007 | 4 Comments

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One of the best SEO plugins for WordPress blog platform, All In One SEO Pack, has released a new version, the 1.4.2, right with the timing when I am more writing about on page optimization.

On the unique title better seo post I wrote how important titles are and how easily we can confuse the search engines if we don’t use the appropriate title for a page. The issue was mainly on homepage and on the category paged pages, the secondary pages on the categories had the same identical title as the homepage of our blog. Having a title like this causes duplicate title for different pages, in other words it might confuse the search engines as to which page should be carrying the weight for that title, is it the homepage or the inner pages, even tho search engines can determine this by the inbound links the URL receives.

The author of the All in one seo pack, uberdose, heard my voice on this small issue and decided to update the plugin into a higher version where the secondary pages would have an additional “Part #” at the end of the page (it would not make a big difference even if it was in the beginning, it is still great). I would highly recommend you upgrade your all in on seo pack to the latest version because it has some more cool features. An additional feature I saw on this version (which was also included in the previous version) is the count of characters in the meta description, when writing a description for the post the plugin will lets you know when you reach 160 characters description (same number of characters search engines do include in the listing of your site in the SERPs).

Even tho in this version of All in one seo pack the issue of the homepage has been fixed (and thank you Uberdose) there is another issue I did notice. It regards the category (archives) pages, the category paged pages are not effected about this new feature and will not have the additional “Part #” at the end of the paged pages title. But i do strongly believe that uberdose will read this post and will make the changes on that in the newest version of All In one seo pack. As for now, upgrade your seo plugin for wordpress, it works great and no bugs to report on WordPress 2.2.2 and will test it even on the latest WordPress 2.3.1 version.

Update released

New version released with and now changes the title of the paged pages of categories and archives as well as for tags. Upgrade now your All In one SEO Pack Plugin.

Thank you Uberdose for fixing this bug for us (bloggers).

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4 Responses to “All in one SEO pack 1.4.2”
  1. Tommy says:

    Thanks for the link. I’m new on seo, I’m sure the plugin will help me to learn more. Thanks again.

  2. uberdose says:

    Hi Astit, 1.4.3 has support for a page format (so you can call it page or part or whatever in your native language) and it gets applied to archives, categories and tags. Please give feedback on this, feature requests are always welcome.

  3. Hey Uber,
    I just updated the version, It is PERFECT, haven’t yet encountered in a bug.

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