Articles you missed till 9-29-2007

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This week flied away faster than the previous one, I can’t believe it is already Sunday and it is the turn of the articles you missed round. But you don’t care, anyway let me remind you about articles you might have missed during this week.

Internal Linking

A very important part of the seo optimization process, interlinking one page with another creates a sort of network where the spiders of the search engines get trapped into. They have to follow the connections (links) you have placed and hence they will crawl all your web site. But the benefit of internal linking is not only at making sure the search engine spider bot is crawling all your pages, it also gives weight to those pages and you build a relevancy of a page to a keyword phrase. Just as like off site seo optimization and submission to quality web directories also the internal linking is a important seo technique that helps your rank higher in the serps with your inner pages.

SEO Effects On Changes

On this article, more than explaining I was trying to pull you the reader into discussion (looks like I need still to improve my writing skills). The main topic is as the title says, seo effects we get into when we make a change into your website. The change of my title structure bounced my homepage in the SERPs of Google and currently ranking as 3rd. But the problem I got into was that I lost rankings for my inner pages. Now slowly i see how those pages start to gain back position and to rank not only where they used to, but some rank even higher now.

But what I wanted to know is, do you have the guts to make such changes in a website that it ranks for VERY competitive keywords? Are you prepared to lose traffic for a whole month on inner pages and not to be sure that you will get back where you used to be..

SEO software going cheap

A very discussed software, SEO Elite was on sale on Deal Dot Com on 27th. This piece of software is well known among the webmaster, and it was very used few years ago. Due to the changes on algorithm and some other changes Google and other search engines have made, many say this software is no longer as effective as it is. Well, words..

But i like to test things on my own skin (maybe on a domain that I got no intentions to use it), while I was writing the post and talking with few friends…oh well, it was already sold. Guess I will have to buy it directly from the page, even tho buying it from Deal Dot Com I could of save $70.

PageRank Update

Finally I see something moving, a famous blogger John Chow has lost page rank on his own blog for one score. His PR6 blog is now PR5, I do see this as a sign of something moving with the pagerank, even tho there was a discussion if Google is going to remove PageRank score or no.

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