Kontera Poll Results

Make Money Online | May 2nd, 2008 | 2 Comments

When someone has a doubt about something, and asks the opinion of the readers and places a voting poll the only thing what the person hopes is not to have equal results

This latest poll I placed about Kontera and if it does annoys the readers had that destiny of equal results. The visitors of the blog voted 50% Yes it annoys and 50% no it doesn’t annoy them while reading the articles.

Even tho there is 50% of readers that say it doesn’t bug them (and personally me it does not bug when another blogger uses Kontera ads) I have to think twice about keeping them or not, since there is also a good 50% of readers that don’t like Kontera. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying I will remove Kontera ads just because my readers don’t like them (even tho it is a valid reason), I had actually intentions to remove Kontera ads for several reasons…yeah I know, Money.

The Kontera Poll Results


The money that Kontera pays me (especially per click) is really not worth bugging the 50% of the voters of this poll. There are few reasons why i should remove Kontera

  • PayPerClick is too low
  • Losing visitors of the blog for few cents
  • Annoys half of the readers

Unfortunately I can’t come up with a good reason why I should keep Kontera ads but I will take another week or so to decide if I should remove them or not, so don’t get surprised if one day you will no longer see the Kontera ads in this blog.

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2 Responses to “Kontera Poll Results”
  1. I’m giving them 2 more weeks then they’re gone from my blog (ever the optimist) It’s at the stage now where they are paying me not much more than 2 cents a click.

  2. Paul you are lucky with 2 cents a click lol, I get paid 0.01 per click and the poll results definitively are convincing me to give them a nice kick out of this blog.