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Make Money Online | July 18th, 2007 | 8 Comments

Text Link Ads Everyone starts a website for one or another reason, some start it for passion, some start it for business some others speak about their hobby’s like sports, cars, music etc.. All the mentioned reasons are valid and realistic, but to maintain a website costs us, the hosting bills (especially if our website has high resources usage), the design, the writers (if have any) and your time which is the most precious and highest bill. In this article i will tell you one of the very well known (among webmasters) ways to make a bill pay website. Whats a bill pay website? A bill pay website would be a website that can pay its own bills, a website from which you can get back the money that you invest for the site.

One of the most common way to earn back the money you invested in your website is by selling text link ads or banner ads. I did mention earlier how Google search engine stands on selling and buying links but i also wrote on how to safely sell links. By following the instruction in the safely sell and buy links post you will have no impact with the Google penalties for selling and buying links and yet, you will be able to create a bill pay website from your hobby website.

The requirements that most text link ads buyers are few and simple, they do like ads from high PageRank websites, high traffic sites, buyers don’t want they ads to be placed with 100 other text link ads (make sure to keep a low number, from 5 to maximum of 10 ads) and do like ads with good placement on your site (a good placement would be in a visible place near the content, for example on top of your sidebar).

How to find text link ad buyers?
From 10 visitors of your website at least 9 of them do own a website so you think finding a buyer it won’t be that hard. Well you are wrong if you think that its so easy but let me mention some ways how to incentive your visitors to buy text link ads from your site.

1). Create a “advertise” page in your site and give as much as possible informations to the potential ad buyers such as, your web site statistics screen shot (if you use any software to track your websie stats such as AWstats which is the easiest to read and comes free with most of web hosting providers, in case you don’t have AWstats you might want to signup for Google Analytics account which gives you very accurate stats), the rate in monthly basis (try to always incentive your buyers to purchase on the same period as you get charged for your billing cost, example if you pay month to month for your web hosting account than incentive buyers to pay month to month).

2). Make buyers to feel comfortable to buy ads from you, if you can afford buy a billing software and let the billing software handle your invoices and remind the clients when a invoice is due (this will save you lots of time, give you professional appearance and make clients comfortable enough to purchase ads whenever they want without any need of your assistance)

3). Create a ‘contact’ page, let the visitors be able to contact you in any case if they have any question in regard and give them a detailed and prompt response.

4). If you don’t have time to handle all that by your self, than you may want to signup with Text Link Ads and let them handle all your billing (text link ads in.c will handle all your billing informations, promote your website to buyers but it will halt a small commission fee for the service).

If you did read this post with attention than you are ready to turn your hobby ‘money wasting’ website into a bill pay website if not into a money making website.

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8 Responses to “Bill pay website”
  1. Ron says:

    I thought I might suggest an alternative to T L A, not to replace, but to run side by side. We pay 70% for a basic account and have a suite of 11 products available to buy or sell. Let me know if you have any questions.


  2. Alex Choo says:


    I’m the developer of WP Text Ads, a free WordPress plugin that lets you sell ads directly to advertisers. This way, they pay no commissions and get paid instantly.

    WP Text Ads lets you sell ads for the whole blog, home page, or per-post. These options make it more affordable for advertisers to buy ads at your blog.

    I hope you’ll consider this plugin as an alternative to WP Text Ads.

    The Marketplace is for WP Text Ads users to connect with advertisers.


  3. DNSeo says:

    Hello Ron and Alex, thank you to both for taking your time commenting.

    To Ron. thank you for remind me on LinkWorth, i did not mentioned linkworth as i never had experience with (definitvely will get in touch with you and find out more).

    To Alex, thats a definitively nice WordPress plugin (more like i would say billing system) and it would be of use to private link sellers indeed.

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