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Besides the boolean operators, Google search engine offers special syntax for extended and to better focus your search experience.

Google search engine indexes entire Web sites instead of only title of website or description of website. The advanced commands, so called special syntaxes or advanced operators give the opportunity to Google search engine users to search in specified parts of the Web site or page for the specific search keyword. This is useful when we get 8 million of results and we want to decrease the number of results and have more specific results connected to the keyword we are searching. We can specify whether we want to find pages that have our keywords in the URL of a page, and this is a excellent way for us to get our list of results shorter and with more specified results on the SERPs.

Some of these search operators perform very well and give us accurate results if we combine them, other operators in combination will not give us that accurate results and other combinations will simply not work at all.

intitle: advanced operator command

Here is an example of how you can use the intitle: advanced operator to find results of pages containing the keyword you search.

intitle:”se optimization”
allintitle:”se optimization” service

In the first example intitle:”se optimization” we will have in the SERPs results of pages that contain the phrase SE Optimization in the title of their site/page. While if we used intitle:”se optimization” services we would get results about pages and sites that contain the phrase SE Optimization in the title and have the word service somewhere in the body of their site. If we want to shorten the results even more and find sites that do offer SE Optimization services we would use the advanced operator command allintitle:”se optimization” service which would give us results of pages/sites that contain the phrase SE Optimization as exact match and will have the word service in the title. Tho the allintitle: advanced command will not combine good with other commands.

As you can see, Google search engine gives some weight to the title of the page, and now we know why having keywords in the title of our page/site is important in SEO.

intext: advanced operator command

You have most probably heard the famous phrase Content is King, thats because Google search engine (and other search engines) do give a lot of weight and importance to content, especially to unique content that can provide informations to the internet users.

intext:”professional SEO Service”

The intext: advanced operator command can help us find pages that contain our keywords ONLY within the text of the page/site and not in any other part of the site. This command is not much used, but it can shorten the results of our research and give a close match of pages that might have the information we search. Lets presume you are looking for professional SEO service company but you want to search for sites/pages that use the phrase professional SEO service inside their body text.

inurl: advanced operator command

You do remember the phrase SEO friendly URLs don’t you? I bet you do, and i bet you got convinced that thats a good SEO technique since you will be using using keywords in the URL..but now, you will better understand and get convinced that those keyword rich seo friendly URL’s really do have a weight and value since Google has implemented an advanced operator command to perform searches specifically for keywords in URL.

Lets presume that you want to find articles or tips or tutorials on make money online but you want to find the results that will lead you directly the post/article page and not to the main page, by using the inurl: advanced operator command you will eliminate from the SERPs results of pages that don’t have your keywords in their URL thing which will give you more accurate results of pages that contain articles on make money online. The command:

inurl:”make money online”

In many of the examples you did also notice how you can combine the advanced operators with the exact match option i did mention on fundamental concepts of the web research with Google post.

inanchor: advanced operator command

inanchor…what does that remind you? Probably on the previous post about importance of anchor text linking in SEO. Seems like search engines do give weight to the anchor text that is used when you link. You can perform a search and find sites that use a given keyword/phrase in anchor text with the command

inanchor:”SE Optimization”

More Advanced Operator Commands

There are more advanced operator commands available that can be used with search engines, but since i started to write these hacks for Google search engine to better explain to what parts of your website Google search engine (and not only) gives weight and importance i will not write about the other commands since but i will mention them bellow.

    This command will display all pages of the SEO Optimization blog that are indexed in that search engine where we will perform the query.
    The link request command will display all sites that are linking back to SEO Optimization blog (NOTE: Google will not display ALL the pages that link back to the site, it will only display those sites that Google believes are related and the link gives some weight to the site to which is linked).
    Cache command can be used to find pages that have been cached previously by the search engine, it is usually used by Domainers that acquire expired domains to check what the domain was related about. (NOTE: If the site is live and the cache is still available it does not mean that the cache is accurate, you should check the last time cached date).
  • filetype:pdf
    Filetype operator is used when you want to find a certain type of file on the net, it can be combined with the exact match option to obtain results of files that have your keywords (Example: “make money online” filetype:pdf)
    The command will display results of sites/pages that have content related to the one that SEO Optimization blog has.
    The info operator will give you results of informations about blog (it will pretty much bring you the commands site: link: related: cache: and keyword/phrase exact match with the possibility just to click, and no need to write them in the input of the search engine)

Some other operators you can use in a quick list, phonebook: (example, phonebook:Bill Gates or phonebook:phonenumberdigits), movie:Title of the movie, music:Artist Name or Title of song).

Hope you did enjoyed the read of the series Google Hacks and did understood to which parts of your site Google search engine does give value and weight, now, we can get back and talk about SEO Optimization of your website.

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  2. Vijay says:

    I came to know about most of these operators from the Google Webmaster Tools and online articles, and I regularly use them for my site.. Google has a lot of handy features like “define” conversion and so on

  3. Indeed, Google search engine has much more operators that could make your searching experience more pleasant and easy, tho i limited myself to write only about these operators as I thought it was opportune for those that are interested in the SEO technology to know about these operators and to understand how much weight Google search engine gives to these specific operators that are used for specific search queries.

    As you can see i have only 8 posts on the Google search engine category and on the very first post Google the search engine I stated that i will speak only to those operators that will help you understand slightly better than what you used to understand about SEO.

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  6. chronis says:

    parts of the onpage optimization is the title of our site/page. Google search engine gives a lot of weight to the title of our.,….i am agree with you i have experience this .