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As a follow of the free internet marketing strategies post, today I will blog on blog marketing for newbies through blog commenting as internet marketing strategy, the benefits, how to do it and where to do it so your time doesn’t have to be wasted but instead well invested and effective.

Most likely you have read this advise over and over again, comment on other related blogs for SEO.

The next thing you did was listened to that advise and then jump from one blog to another to leave comment, even if useless, just because someone said it is good for search engine optimization if you get in the top commentators list since you would get a dofollow link. However, that type of game is over now, it never was effective actually but it is definitively over since Google is becoming pretty good in devaluing those type of links.

Now that this type of game is over, you need to take one step back, blame whoever advised you to promote your blog by just leaving useless comments and start with the main purpose of leaving comments, and that is comments that do add value to the topic AND to you, as each comment you leave reflects to your knowledge, personality and professionalism.

The entire point of commenting on relevant blogs is to get connected with other people, get to know people that share the same interest to you, to find people that have similar blogs and great posts from where you can learn something, to read through the comments and find valuable information’s.

When I first started this blog I did the same, made a list of blogs that had “interesting and valuable” posts where people like me would hang out, made sure the blog has some authority and a decent number of followers. The blog I ended up commenting more often was, the blog covered “some” interesting posts, it had a decent amount of followers, it had some controversial comments (which is good to get into a discussion) and at the time everyone would talk about that blog, so it was in buzz mode.

During the period I used to comment I got like 300 unique new visitors to my blog, and my RSS feed started to slow increase, but the most valuable thing for me at the time was that I got hooked up with new bloggers like Paul Barlow of Money Making Schemes, Catherine Lawson and some others.

The results of these new bloggers with which I connected with were the next:

  • They would subscribed to my RSS or simply come back and visit the blog for new posts, even tho I had stopped commenting on
  • They would participate on the content I publish and leave a comment, create a discussion which turned out to be very informative as well
  • They would link to my posts as reference whenever it made sense
  • They would help me out when I needed, like in the 2008seocontest

If you didn’t realized already, blog commenting if done only for the purpose of driving traffic it will sink at the moment you stop commenting. But instead, if you do it in the proper way, and that is, helping out someone with your comment, clarifying a doubt, showing that you do have knowledge over your topic, then that comment would be 10 times more effective then a simple blatant “thanks nice read”.

3 Points to keep in mind when leaving a comment with internet marketing purpose

  • Do you really have to comment on that post?
  • If you do, what will be the value of your comment? Would you add an additional tip to help other readers?
  • Are you willing to also continue the discussion if someone responds to you?

If you have at least two of the three points in mind when you are about to leave your comment then you are doing the proper marketing of your website/blog online, while leaving a comment that helps others and show that you know the subject, when people read interesting comments are they are also willing to ask questions, if you follow up it shows that you are dedicated to help out others and chances are they will follow the link and land to your website and not only, would subscribe to follow your new posts or comment on older interesting posts, half of the job has been done, you now just passed from None to Some visitors that will follow you.

Things I didn’t do at the time, and that I regret now

At the time, when the new visitors would come to my blog and get hooked up with new bloggers one thing I regret for not doing is, keeping in touch more often and in a more personal way. When I stopped blogging, they stopped following up and we never even exchanged emails to ask for help or share ideas. Never connected with them through Facebook, MyBlogLog, Twitter or any other form except emails, if you are new, make sure not to do the same mistake.

Note: this article may be adjusted/modified in near feature to improve it’s quality, add new techniques and ideas on how you can use blog comments for blog marketing. Subscribe to my RSS feed to get updates when this article will be modified

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