You Can’t Make It, With All at Once

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From the author of the SEO bible, SEO Book, Aaron Wall, a complete online seo training course.

This is more of a life lesson but it applies to internet marketing, your online business and or even making money blogging, you just can’t manage to satisfy all things at once no matter how hard you try. To explain this better letter me first describe the type of person I am. I am one of those guys that is cold on the first impact, some say shy and I just say “monitoring the person before I open myself” , but on the second stage I am more like pleasing everyone and being kind to all.

Being kind with everyone and trying to satisfy everyones needs sometimes is a real issue, especially if the needs person A and person B have are totally different, from online marketing perspective it would sound like: it’s hard to market a website A if the website B is of a totally different niche and you have to be marketing them both at the same time as the ideas and strategies will impact one in another.

Lets take for example this latest hit about making money online while blogging. Many will just start with one blog and start writing content every day and everything starts to work better and better, more readers coming to your site, the search engine spider bots are crawling your site more often and you start obtaining better search engine rankings as you apply some seo techniques here and there for the love of your blog and as you want to reach more and more readers. After awhile you heard somewhere that making money through blogs is easy and you hear some ways of monetizing your blog.

You finally manage to place some ads on your blog and boom you see some money rolling. It is indeed fascinating for someone that is doing this for the first time, seeing money coming by doing something you used to do for free and passion. Later on you find out that some other topics, like lawyers, real estate, mesothelioma cancer are making way much more money on Google AdSense, and you already tasted the online money from your real blog and you are already more greedy then ever so you jump on that train and run another blog in one of the above mentioned niches (no matter if you know the subject or no).

If even this second blog will be bringing you some of those fascinating $4 per click then you will end up in troubles. You will become more eager and start running another blog, and another one and more…till the point that you will leave aside your passion and your first blog hunting out the money and after some time you will realize that what you are doing actually is..wasting time, losing your passion and not making the money you could of make if you remained on your first blog and build it with more healthy content.

Getting your hands on several blogs will totally disorder things for you as one blog needs a different type of marketing and the other one a totally different, building content for all blogs, monitoring the market and what the readers like to read on this new topic you jumped out..and losing the rhythm of publishing content that readers did really appreciated in your first blog.

I am lucky enough to have some sites that don’t involve much work and are yet pulling a good revenue, but aside those I have two passions one of which turned out to become “work”. The first one is this blog where I write about the basic seo techniques with the hope that whoever actually wants to learn about seo can start his journey from here. All the content on this blog is totally free and I am not charging for anything actually, have placed some ads (maybe just some too many, for someone) just so that this blog can pay its own bills and I have so far refused several requests for selling private ads as I don’t want to be distracted from that too.

My second passion, which later turned into a PSD to xHTML coding services is Before I even started offering coding services on that site I was for like 3 years helping others to fix their HTML codes on IRC channels.

After I had settled my online business and after I assured I can live from making money online I started this lovely SEO Blog on which I put lots of passion in game and was having lots of fun writing those basics which I had maybe even forget, it was refreshing. Then again I jumped on with just out of curiosity to see how much money could a website of that type be pulling and get paid for something I was doing for free previously.

The fact is that now, satisfying the needs that and its customers have, satisfying the needs that this blog has, satisfying the other website needs, my GF’s needs, friends and becoming too much and thats why you even see me blogging here less then what I used to.

If you were reading all the way down to here most likely it sounded one of those desperate posts, well no it is not, actually rough moments bring out great solutions and there are few solutions to handle multiple sites at once and satisfy everyone in real life too.

  • Plan and organize your time, schedule your work and your free time
  • Get help from someone or hire personal to handle some of the things that are wasting your time but are necessary
  • Get yourself a reserve plan for unpredictable things that might happen, it will save you lots of stress.

By following those three steps I was relieved from lots of stress, mind can think more clearly and no one remains with hurt feelings as they are pleased and you were correct with them.

This post is becoming a bit too long to explain each of the three points on how-to way, and thats why I decide to terminate this post here but subscribe to my RSS feed (or have it delivered via email) as I will continue describing each of the points on separate posts.

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3 Responses to “You Can’t Make It, With All at Once”
  1. Jagdu says:

    It didn’t sound like whining to me. It’s a good caution for webmasters to not take on too much.

  2. Hi Jadgu,
    Thanks for understanding, that was the point actually but I was afraid it was going to sound more like whining rather then “warning” to many.

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