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My favorite tool for on-page optimization is WebCEO. I find WebCEO very useful when it regards to on-page optimization, it detects those parts that a human eye could have missed because we are tired or we just didn’t paid enough attention. Every time I am about to launch a new site, or a new design or even simple modifications made to the layout I first test it out with WebCEO before going online with the new layout.

Many readers of my SEO blog have previously stated they use WebCEO, most use the free edition (with limited functions) and some have purchased one of the paid licenses. Well I wanted to let you know that you have time until 22 August 2009 to buy WebCEO at incredible low price, 50% cheaper. This is a one time offer and as stated above it lasts only until 22 August 2009, after that date prices will go up to normal again.

Discount Price Comparison

  • Web CEO SmallBiz Unleashed: Discounted price: $129 Normal price: $339 (included: Professional Training and Certification in Internet Marketing)
  • Web CEO Professional Unleashed: Discounted price: $229 – Normal price: $479 (included: Professional Training and Hardcopy Certification in Internet Marketing)

As you can see the comparison above you save $210 USD if you purchase Web CEO SmallBiz Unleashed until 22nd August, and you save $250 USD if you purchase Web CEO Professional Unleashed license. Both licenses are included with professional training on how to use Web CEO and search engine optimization secrets along with a certificate in internet marketing.

If you ever wanted to own a license of this software but the price seemed too high, then this is the right moment to purchase Web CEO as I doubt you will ever get lower price on this seo software in near feature.

Which SEO Software do you use?

Do you use a SEO Software to optimize your website? Tell us which SEO software (or combination of softwares) you use and what makes you chose it over the other seo softwares in the market.

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