Q1 2008 SEO Goals

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Planing everything in advance it sure does give you time to organize things, same rule applies in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Paul Barlow guest blogged here on SEO Optimization are you setting yourself seo goals?.

My SEO Goals for Q1 (first quarter) of 2008 have been already set, and shame on my if I won’t achieve the goals before Q1 ends. These are the goals I want to achieve on the SERPs of Google before the Q1 ends

  • Page #1 keyword: Learn SEO
  • Page #1 keyword: SEO Tutorial and SEO Tutorials
  • Page #1 SEO Resource and SEO Resources

The main reason to achieve these three (collectively five) seo goals is to prove my previous post about ranking for less competitive keywords to increase your organic traffic. The second reason why it is good to set yourself goals is to challenge yourself and try to obtain the results

Have you set SEO goals for yourself and which are they?

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5 Responses to “Q1 2008 SEO Goals”
  1. CatherineL says:

    Hi Astrit – you are organised. I haven’t set my goals for next year yet. I usually spend New Years day setting business goals for the year.

    As for SEO goals – there is a lot of room for improvement. Initially I tried to optimise my blog posts too much and they didn’t sound good, but now I don’t optimise them at all and I’m probably getting less targetted traffic.

    I suppose one goal will be to find a happy medium.

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  3. I’d like to master the science of SEO. I want to learn everything that a human can learn about it. 😀

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