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You might have notice since 17th October that I have removed the recommendation of Text Link Ads from the SEO Resource page and also from the sidewide banner (even tho I could spare that one, but replaced it with the WidgetBucks banner).

The main reason why I have removed it from the SEO Resource page is that I have notice many complains from webmasters on the forums that they have experienced some sort of SERPs penalization after using TLA to sell ads (note, to sell ads not to buy, I have yet to see someone that purchased links from Text Link Ads and complain for drop on SERPs).

I wanted to run a experiment, wanted to acquire a established website with a decent PR4+ and some to none traffic, build it a little further and sell some ads through text link ads to see how would that effect the SERPs and if it actually does effect the SERPs. Unfortunately I haven’t found yet a decent domain to acquire (even tho prices are a bit expensive, but i think it would be worth the investment for the experiment) and since I don’t want to sell ads on SEO Optimization I decided to rather remove the recommendation until I won’t be able to prove that TLA is not causing the SERPs drop that many webmasters report.

Hope soon I will be able to run this experiment and will let you know here on SEO Optimization.

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