Crossing 100 RSS Subscribers

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It’s been awhile since the RSS feed subscribers number has crossed the 100 mark. The last time I blogged about my RSS feed numbers was when it reached 70 subscribers which was back in January.

What makes me happy is that people had no incentives but the content to subscribe to my RSS feed and read this blog from their favorite RSS reader. All what I had to do was write the content and remind the readers to subscribe to my RSS feed at the bottom of the content. Said this I want to thank ALL the readers of this blog and those that have subscribed to my RSS feed.

Improve your RSS Readers Count

RSS feed reader is not much related to SEO, but after all you are doing SEO for your blog to increase RSS readers database, so I find justified to write about RSS feed.

There are two ways to increase your RSS feed database, one of which is to remind directly your “new” visitors (or rather, first time visitors) that land in your blog through an ad you have placed or from the search engines. This can be done by using a small but very useful plugin called WWSGD WordPress plugin (yuck what a name, but very useful plugin). I have never used this plugin, and it is a big mistake. The plugin will remind or rather invite the new visitors of your blog to subscribe to your RSS feed. The plugin is based on cookies, and if a visitor comes 3 times to your blog the invite message will expire and be removed.

The second method is to create series of posts, and at the bottom of each series to invite your readers to subscribe through their RSS feed if you want to follow up the posts coming. This is a method I have tackled just a bit and I have to tell you that it does work very well.

Thanks again.

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