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As promised at the beginning of the previous month each first of the month I would like to thank my readers for reading SEO Optimization and supporting this SEO blog. Your attention and opinions means a lot for me, even tho the blog main goal is to provide useful information to folks that want to learn seo sometimes I go off topic for one or another reason.

My Top Commentators

A big THANK YOU to my top commentators that keep me busy and share their opinions on my articles, reading to your comments and seeing you active here makes me feel that the blog is not worthless after all, thank you

My RSS feed readers

A special thanks goes also to all my RSS feed readers for reading my blog daily via RSS. If you haven’t subscribed yet to my RSS feed do it now 😉

I Recommend you

If you want to learn more about search engine marketing I would recommend you read Aaron Wall’s SEO Book, it is a 331 pages eBook in PDF format about search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Some of the tips Aaron shares in that eBook are a must read for anyone interested in SEM and SEO.

What you do need is for sure a seo software like WebCEO, a seo software with which you can measure your on page optimization score, the title optimization, helps you measure keyword density and many other features that can be your best friend when doing SEO for your site.

The above recommendations are also listed in the seo resources page, and on this note, I will make sure to get it updated soon. Thank you for reading SEO Optimization and don’t forget to subscribe to my RSS feed.

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3 Responses to “Thank you folks”
  1. PHP eBook says:

    Thanks so much for the mention. You’ve got some good insights that keep me checking back. Best wishes.

  2. Colin King says:

    Hey Astrit, thanx for the mention. This thankyou to the readers post is a good idea, I might just try that 🙂

  3. Most welcome guys 😉

    Yeah Colin, it works some times 😉 hehe, but apart that it is a good way to publicly thank those that supported the blog 😉