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In less then a month (on February 29th) it will be drawn the lucky winners of BlueGlory wordpress theme and the 400 Entrecard credits, so I just wanted to remind you not to miss the chance and to participate in this contest (mainly tho, because the chances to win the price, as for the moment, are high enough, with only 2 participants). The participants emails (that have been used to comment in the wordpress theme contest page) will drawn from the random list, the first 2 emails of the list will win the theme and the third will win the 400 Entrecard credits.

Unlike the 2008 seocontest where you need to show off your skills to win the contest, in this contest you can rely on simple math and luck. And since the participants number is too low we can call both (luck and math) out of the game, unless things change and we get more participants in this contest.

About BlueGlory Theme

BluGlory theme is a magazine style wordpress theme where on the homepage are presented the latest articles of your preferred 3 categories unlike presenting all the posts in the homepage. The theme is based on 2 colors, dark blue, black and white. In black is presented the body color, in dark blue are presented the element holders and the text is presented in white color. Some more features about the theme

  • The magazine style that the homepage has makes so that the duplicate content has been already eliminated and you will not have to face with that issue anymore for your blog.
  • Out of the box the theme has also optimized the title tag since I have already implemented the wordpress seo title hack (but would still advice you install and use all in one seo pack for better optimization of the other tags)
  • Unique design and sold limited copies. This means that you can finally get rid of your current theme that you get used to see it all around the blogsphere and give your blog a more unique look and distinguish from the rest of the crowd.

If you will participate on this contest but you will be drawn as winner you can curse on, your luck or you can simply purchase the theme for only $45 (a real bargain for a limited copies sold theme).

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