Fundamental concepts of the web research with Google

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This is the first post where i am trying to better explain how Google works and the hacks that can be used with Google search engine, reading the posts step by step we will find out which are the parts of our website that are important for Google search engine to display results in the SERPs when someone performs a search query. It is good to know the hacks because they give us an idea how Google search engine performs and that way we can have a better idea how to better SEO optimize your website for Google.

Every time we perform a search query with more than one keyword, the search engine uses a predefined strategy to treat the combination of such keywords in a keyphrase. The keywords should appear anywhere in the page or they need to be one next to each other? The search engine will consider both words as keyword or just one of the words?

Keyphrase research

Google search engine by default sees to find a match of keywords that are found all over the page while we perform a search query, with the words used one next to another (in a keyphrase) or in the whole content. To find the exact match of a phrase we need to use the keywords within quotes, transforming this way keywords into keyphrase, lets perform a search query in Google search engine with the keywords

to be or not to be

Google search engine in this case will display in the search engine result pages (SERPs) where the words of the term have been used all over the page. If you want to find the exact match of the phrase you will need to close the phrase in quotes.

“to be or not to be”

In this case Google search engine will present in the SERPs only those web sites that have used exact phrase to be or not to be. This hack is well known among webmasters but for the SEO newbies it could be of big help to understand how to target keyphrases and not only single keywords in a phrase.

As i promised i will try to write every day a new hack on how to use Google search engine and save time in finding results, who is clever enough will figure out to which parts Google search engine gives more importance and improve his SE Optimization techniques of his/her website.

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